Smart locks for a keyless home

Smart locks house keyless

Nowadays more and more people choose a smart lock instead of a conventional one, even though many people are hesitant in changing their lock with a high tech one. People are used with the old keys, even if they have to change locks them from time to time. But smart locks are a huge difference and represent a huge step towards a new world, a promising one.

A smart lock doesn’t require a key and can monitor who is entering and leaving your home. Some of them let you use your phone to open and close the door, others require a voice command or a code. If you can’t decide which type suits you best, contact a local locksmith to help you take the best decision for you. Whatever type of smart lock we choose for our home, they have proven their great value.

What is a smart door look

A smart lock is an upgrade from a traditional lock, a lock that you can control from anywhere and has features like voice commands, email notifications and alarms. Of course, a smart lock costs more money than a traditional one, but the investition is worthed. Most of them require a mobile or a web application that allows you to open and close the door. Others let you add users and schedule access on a specific day at a specific time.

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Choosing a smart lock for your house, means you don’t need a key anymore. Forget about house lockouts, key duplicates, broken or lost keys. Instead of a key, you’ll have a code which will be entered to gain access to your house, a code that can be easily changed. Or you’ll need to say a voice command or simply to tap an icon from your mobile phone to open the door. Smart locks can be easily handled and are very secure. If something breaks, you’ll need to consider lock repair and call a residential locksmith to solve the problem.

Types of smart locks

As i mentioned before, there are many types of smart locks. One of the most popular ones are keypads locks. These ones require a code to open the door. You can choose a model with buttons or a newer model that uses a touchscreen panel. There are also smart locks that require a card for entry ( like the ones used in hotels ).

Radio Frequency Identification technology allows you to use the card from your purse directly, meaning you don’t have to try to find your card when your arms are full to enter the door. Bluetooth enabled locks sense your smathpone’s bluetooth when you approach and open the door for you. In case your battery dies, both bluetooth enabled locks and RFID ones use an electronic entry to let you enter your home. There are also biometric locks which use fingerprint identification to open the door.

You need to program your fingerprint and those you want to gain access to your house and the system will know if the person is acceptable to unlock the door or not. There are smart locks that offer activity logs which means you can see who has entered or exited your home and when. With the voice activation ones you simply need to tell your phone to unlock or lock the front door.

Whatever type of smart lock you choose, the installation is easy but requires a professional locksmith in order to be properly installed. Some are easier than others to install but a professional locksmith will have the job done within a couple of minutes.