What are high security locks? When do you need them?

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You must have probably heard about high security locks. They are the latest trends in the recent decade. Protecting your office doors and residential doors from burglars, are the most popular option when it comes to front doors. High security locks are also useful for large commercial buildings and even for small private proprieties near industrial areas. Usually, commercial locksmiths arrive fast too

However, do you really need to install high security locks for all of your doors? Although useful, are high security locks a must for every of your doors? Should you spend money on high security locks for all of your office or house doors? Find out what are high security locks and whether or not you need them. Contact a locksmith in Deptford SE8 or anywhere else in London.

What are high security locks?

A high security lock is a type of lock designed to impede or slow down the burglars that attempt to break in the house or the car. The highest degree of security is I, followed by II, and III. This means that a high security locks has excellent anti-picking, anti-drilling, anti-bumping properties. This means that the lock is made from resistant material and also has additional features that will make it highly resistant to the burglar’s attempt.

A high security lock is high in metal content and provides bypass protection. This means one cannot break the lock easily.Some high security locks have patented keys so to limit access to certain areas.

High security locks can be electronic such as combination door locks and some modern types include bio-metric locks and Bluetooth locks. They are designed to decrease the success of even complex break-in attempts. The main important aspect to keep in mind is that you can choose a classic high security lock such as a double cylinder deadbolt or an electronic lock. It all depends on your preferences, needs and budget. Find out more from a locksmith in Lee SE12.

When do you need security door locks?

Residential security door locks are the most popular type of security locks. Many people choose security door locks for their front doors to make sure they are protected from burglars. Common choices include mortise locks, double cylinder deadbolts and, in other cases key-less smart locks. This last type of security door locks involves high-tech Bluetooth and Radio Frequency Identification technology system. This means that you can unlock the door only using the smartphone.

Irrespective of the lock you choose, there is always a good idea to install locks to your office or commercial building. If you live in a crowded area, chances are that break-ins are more frequent. So there is no need to believe that burglars will be discouraged by many people. Efficient burglars plan and observe what happens around the building and then decide to attack. So if you live in a large city, you need a high security lock for your office or for your own house. Ask a security locksmith in Camberwell SE5 to help you.

You also need high security locks for marginal areas. Outer London is such an example. Burglars also tend to attack marginal areas because they are less monitored than central areas. You need high security locks for residential doors or gates.
You also need high security locks for windows, especially if the windows are placed close to the ground or if there are objects or surfaces that can be used to be climbed in order to reach the windows. It is also a good idea to use a security bar to double the effect.

Are security locks useless in these situations?

If you are asking yourself whether there are situations in which security locks are not useful, you will find an affirmative answer. There is no need to invest in high security locks for interior doors. For example, you can use simply use door knobs for interior doors. A good security lock is good for exterior doors and there is no need to exaggerate with buying them.

Another situation in which a security lock is not useful is when locking garage doors. Typically made from wood for industrial or agricultural areas or automatized, garage doors don’t benefit form high security locks, at least not in the standard format. There are some situations when investing in high security locks may not bring additional benefits.

Lock installation service – recommendation

If you need to install a high security lock, it is better to call a professional locksmith in Bow E3 to help you perform this process properly. If you try to do it all by yourself, you risk deteriorating some components of the lock-set and end up paying even more.
Moreover, smart locks need to be installed and checked by a professional too. Although it may seem a simple process, installing a smart lock implies knowledge too. In any case, contact a locksmith near you to have your locks installed properly and benefit from high security effects.