Door and window locks

Security locks in London

Security Era Locks

Designed from high quality materials, security Era Locks offer protection against drilling, picking, bumping, and snapping. Ideal security locks for windows and doors, Era Locks come in the form of British standard cylinders and medium to high security padlocks.

Weather proof, manufactured from hardened steel, Era Locks have up to 5 times more material designed to support the most vulnerable parts of a lock. Suitable choice for both residential and commercial use.

Security Chubb locks

For more than 200 years, Chub locks have remained famous for their burglar resistant door and window locks. Nowadays, Chubb locks keep their tradition when it comes to providing professional locks, but is specialized in modern mechanical and electromechanical locks. Padlocks endowed with intelligent alarms, 3 in 1 cylinders suitable for residential re-keying will offer you the maximum amount of security

Security Yale locks

If you are looking for security Yale locks for doors and windows that can also optimize your life, then Yale locks are the ideal choice. App controlled locks allow you to keep your house secured without having to carry keys with you.

And if you prefer more traditional approaches, you can opt for mechanical products. Euro profile and rim cylinders are made from durable, bump proof materials in order to assure medium to high security levels.

Security Mul-t-lock

An ideal choice when it comes to controlling the security of your office or house. Based both on electronic and mechanical technology, Mul-t-lock products will help you maintain a high level of security, without bothering too much.

Offering a wide range of residential cylinders, Mul-t-lock allows you to operate multiple doors with one key, increasing control and satisfaction, without sacrificing the security of your house or office.

Security Banham locks

Providing additional security solutions, Banham locks remained on the market for over 84 years. If you are looking for security locks for your front door or maybe you are more interested in security locks for windows, you have a wide variety of locks to choose from.

Covering all the security needs you desire, metal or wooden window locks, along with open or closed-shackled padlocks will keep your house properly secured.

Security Euro locks

Not only your house and office needs to be secured. Places such as garages and yards also need to be protected from break-ins. If you need a durable, bump-proof, and waterproof lock for the outside of your house, including the garage, Euro locks are the ideal choice. From pick-resistant locks to anti-drill ones, make sure your house, yard, and garage are perfectly secured.

If you don’t want to deal all by yourself with uPVC door and window locks, call a locksmith near you. We provide a wide range of services that include lock change, lock checking, and installation. Have the security of your house or office increased by asking a City locksmith to provide on-site assistance and intervention.

Our locksmiths offer you time-saving solutions:

  • home and office lock change and installation
  • key extraction and replacement
  • security locks for uPVC doors

Sometimes locks can break when you are in a hurry. It can be your house lock or your office lock, or maybe you can’t enter your car when you are on the edge of leaving. In a fast-moving society, it is quite common to find yourself not paying attention to such details.

However, when the lock breaks or is dysfunctional, the consequences can impact your schedule. Not to mention on of the most important issue: the security of your house or office.  If this happened, you need someone to take care of this problem as soon as possible.

Our team of professionals is less than 30 minutes away from you, and we are available any time of the day or night, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Door lock repair services near you

Finding yourself in front of a non-responsive lock can be a very frustrating experience. Not only it can turn your day upside down, but also it affects the security of your house. While, after multiple attempt to open or repair the door, it may be tempting to leave, doing so may leave your house vulnerable to break-ins. And when it comes to your office, the responsability is even greater.

Many people may end up opening the door. Regaining access to your house brings satisfaction. However, this only leaves the problem partially solved as it doesn’t increase the security of your house or office.

Call your city locksmiths and find the best door lock repair services near you. We only work with trustworthy providers in order provide the safest door locks for your house and office. From deadlocks to interchangeable core cylinders, we will restore both the functionality and the security of your house and office.

We understand how important it is for you to feel safe in the comfort of your own house. As a consequence we provide the most secure locks on the market. From medium security locks such as locksets and handlesets to high security ones, we are ready to perform professional door lock repair services.

Safe window locks for your house and office

When it comes to your window locks, security is also important. Most of the locks get damaged by being bumped. Break-ins can occur by means of lock bumping and windows make no exceptions to such rule.

Moreover, the main disadvantage of this method is that you only find out you about the break in when is too late, as lock bumping leaves few to no visible damage signs. In this case, you may need a safe window locks for your house and office.

When it comes to windows, we offer a wide variety of locks designed to increase the security of your house or office.

For example, you can have a keyless and pick resistant lock. By only working with providers such as Era Locks, Chub Locks, Banham, and Yale locks we make sure you benefit from increased home and office security.