Locksmiths service prices in London

Are you looking for a locksmith for your home or office? Did you just arrive home from work just to find out that your keys are missing? Is your budget limited or has the lockout situation taken place after a large expenditure? If the answer is “Yes”, you may want to consider receiving your city locksmith’s help. It doesn’t matter where you live in London, we will arrive at the requested destination in less than one hour and we will not impose supplementary fees based on your location.

Locked out services

from 59 £

Call us in case of home lockout. Less than 25 minutes from you.

Lock Change/Installation

from 49 £

We change and install any type of lock for doors or windows.

Lock repair

from 59 £

We repair any lock, if it`s posible.

Supply locks

from 20 £

We supply locks at good price if needed.

Fix locks for UPVC doors

from 69 £

We repair or change locks for any type of UPVC door and window.

Unlock Car

from 75 £

We open your car door if you left keys inside.

When it comes to locksmith services, most prices range from 50£ to up to 200£. Moreover, common locksmith services request additional fees depending on the time the intervention takes places. For example, in London, night time locksmith interventions are charged up to 20% more than day time interventions. In case you forgot or lost them, you don’t have to panic or force the door to get back inside. For only 49£, one of our experts will come at the requested destination, anywhere in London and will proceed to unlock your door, without drilling or deteriorating your lock, if such action is possible. Call us immediately, and we will come as fast as possible, helping you professionally deal with any type of lockout issue.

Cheap locksmiths in London near your location

City locksmiths try to provide the cheapest services in London, while keeping the prices as low as possible. We don’t want to overcharge our customers. We also make no exception when it comes to the quality of our services. We only work with trustworthy providers and use updated versions of tools. Our services are affordable and pocket-friendly, so do not hesitate to call us whenever you have a lock related problem.

To the best of our our knowledge, our price range is the lowest in London. Our prices start at only 20£, making us some of the cheapest locksmiths in your area. We provide services such as: lock repairs, lock installations, lock improvement. We also deal with residential and office lock outs and we unlock your car’s door if you have lost your keys or locked them inside. Feel free to contact us any hour of the day or night and ask us about our services and costs. As we believe anyone has the right to make an informed choice, you will also benefit from a free quotation.

When looking for a locksmith, two basic criteria are essential: low prices and high experience. The most important thing is that the locksmith has all the licenses and qualifications, the proper training and the experience to deal with all types of door, window and lock. If all these criteria are met, the next step is to ask for the prices of their services. If the costs aren’t too high, then you have found what you were looking for. Above you find a list of the prices for the services that we provide. Call us immediately and have your lockout issue solved in a matter of minutes.