door lock installation London

Door lock installation

We provide comprehensive lock installation services across the Greater London. We offer everything from standard door locks to upgraded security locks, suitable for residential, commercial, and automotive applications.

Door Lock Installation Service

Door Lock Installation Service​

This service ensures that all new locks are installed correctly, giving you the peace of mind that your residence or business is fully secure.

From choosing the perfect lock from the wide selection available, to cutting keys and installing them on your door and handles, professional locksmiths ensures that all your locks fit securely and function properly.

We have a wide variety of locks to choose from, including Euro Cylinders, Smart Locks, Electronic Locks, Keyless Access Systems and Mortice Locks, all of which meet the rigorous British Standard requirements.

Fresh Lock Installation

Fresh Lock Installation​

Fresh Lock Installation is a full service mobile locksmith company that provides fast and reliable service at an affordable price.

Our professionals are highly trained in installation and repair of virtually any type of lock and secure entry system.

We are experts in the installation of keyless entry systems, digital locks, sliding door locks, magnetic locks, deadbolts, keyless entry systems, access control systems, and more.

Smart lock installation

Smart lock installation​

For those looking to install a smart lock, our services provide professional and reliable installation of the smart lock.

We will help you select the best lock for your needs, and then our experienced technicians will go through step-by-step to ensure the proper installation of the lock.

Door Lock Fitting

Door Lock Fitting

Our experienced technicians ensure that all lock fittings are of the highest quality, utilising the latest technologies in door locks and security.

Our specialists also advise on deadbolts, high security systems, to make sure that you have the best defence against intruders.

Experienced team is here to provide a secure and reliable door lock fitting service that meets all of your needs.

Door Latch Fitting

door latch fitting

Whether you require a simple replacement latch, an emergency repair, or the refurbishment of an older latch, we guarantee a rapid response, friendly and efficient service and the highest quality of workarounds to ensure a perfect latch.

So for all your door latch needs in London, you can count on us for a reliable, cost-effective and speedy solution.

Magnetic Door Lock Installation

magnetic door lock installation

With this innovative security solution, you can enjoy reliable security without any of the drawbacks of traditional locking systems.

Magnetic door locks are easy to install and come with advanced features that offer enhanced security and convenience.

With a choice of stylish designs, you can add a touch of sophistication to any door, making your home or business more inviting and secure.

Lock installation in London

If you are looking for a professional and reliable lock installation in London, then City Locksmith London is the right choice. Get in touch with us today to experience the highest standard of service.

Types of door locks

The offer for all types of door locks includes a discounted rate on the cost of the lock. Depending on the level of security you require, the rate of the discounted price would vary.

We offer professional installation and advice on types of locks, as well as improved safety tips for your home or business. 

Lock installation FAQs

The cost of a locksmith in London to install a lock can vary depending on the type of lock and labour required. On average, however, the cost to install a basic lock ranges from £50 – £75. For more complex locks, such as electronic locks or combination locks, the cost will usually be higher.
Yes, locksmiths in London can install smart locks. Most qualified locksmiths in London are capable of installing smart locks, and some even specialize in such installations. It is best to contact a locksmith to discuss their specific capabilities.
The installation time of a door lock will depend on what type of lock is being installed, as well as on the level of skill and experience of the installer. Generally, installing a door lock will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Yes, it is possible to install a door lock yourself. If you are handy and comfortable with basic home improvement skills, you can save yourself some money by doing it yourself. However, if you are unsure of the specific type of lock you need and would be uncomfortable completing the installation, it is best to hire a professional locksmith.
  1. Start by measuring the door size and thickness, as well as any handles currently attached, to ensure the correct size lock is purchased.
  2. Wear eye protection and use a drill to make the necessary holes in the door. 
  3. Place the spindle through the door and lining up the screws, then use the nuts provided to secure it.
  4. Place the latch plate and the strike plate in the appropriate position, then screw them in place.
  5. Place the soon-to-be lock into the door, matching up all the screw holes.
  6. Insert the screws and tighten them with a screwdriver.
  7. Place the deadbolt in the appropriate hole, then use the screwdriver to fasten the screws onto the inside of the door.
  8. Insert the keys into the lock to make sure it functions properly before attaching the trim panel.
  9. Slide the trim panel onto the outside of the door and use the corresponding screws to securely attach it.
  10. Finally, use a cloth to wipe away any dust, debris, and fingerprints.
Yes, locksmiths are able to install deadbolt locks. Deadbolts are a type of lock that is usually used on exterior doors as an additional layer of security. A locksmith will typically measure the door to ensure the deadbolt will fit, then drill holes for the lock, install the lock, and test it to make sure it works properly.
Yes, locksmiths can install mortise locks. Mortise locks are most commonly used for entry doors and require a pocket, or mortise, to be cut into the door to fit the lock. Mortise locks provide a higher level of security than a typical cylindrical or tubular lock, as the mechanism consists of several components that must be aligned for the lock to function properly. A locksmith can install the mortise lock and ensure that it is installed correctly and securely.