All you need to know about Yale locks

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Yale locks are one of the most popular options on the market. Whether you opt for Yale digital locks or modern security locks, you can find any type of lock for your doors or windows. As you can imagine, you need at least one type of security lock in your house. Professional locksmiths usually recommend you have Grade 1 locks for your front door locks.

If you are planning to buy a security lock or any type of Yale lock, discover all you need to know about Yale locks.

Select a Yale front door lock

One of the most important locks in your house is the front door lock. Along with the back door or even a small window, these points are the most vulnerable ones when it comes to burglary attempts. Residential locksmiths recommend you install high security locks for your front doors.

Yale front door locks include deadbolt locks, Yale digital locks and smart locks. Select the best option for you but don’t forget to take into account the most important aspect – ensuring the highest degree of security for your front door. If you have doubts, contact a local locksmith to help you select the most suitable Yale front door lock.

Opt for Yale digital lock

You might wonder what is the difference between a digital lock and a classic lock. And what is a smart lock anyway? Digital locks offer a security system based on PIN cods, fingerprints, voice recognition and many other methods. On the other hand, a classic lock has no such facilities and is only being operated via key. As you can imagine there are both advantages and disadvantages to these locking systems.

If you choose one of the Yale digital locks, you won’t have to worry about losing the key. Digital locks are not being operated via keys. There is no need to have a physical key. You only need a PIN code and you can gain access to the house or office building immediately.

Yale smart locks are the latest security trends

When choosing high security locks, you should opt for the simplest method. Imaging having to wait in front of the door just to unlock your multi-point lock. While double cylinder locks are on top of security lock hierarchy, you can always opt for modern options.

For example, Yale smart locks are being operated via wireless protocol and crypted keys to only allow the owner to unlock the doors. Moreover, you can receive notifications to see if the lock has been damaged or if burglars tried to break in. Smart locks from Yale have even more benefits when compared to plain digital locks. They offer a higher degree of control. If you have your smartphone or laptop, you can control your smart lock functions.

Moreover, you have complete control over the lock even if you aren’t in its proximity. If you have a smartphone or any device that allows you to access the security and monitoring system, you have total control over the lock.

Certified locksmiths to install Yale lock

Whether you decide to install a smart lock or a double cylinder lock, it is always a good idea to call a certified locksmith to help you properly install the lock. The main advantage of calling a certified locksmith to help you install a Yale lock is that you get to spare money in the long run.

Certified locksmiths have special tools that allow them to install a lock without damaging it. Even if you choose a deadbolt or mortise lock, you risk deteriorating the lock. Don’t hesitate to call a locksmith to help you install a Yale lock.

Yale window locks – don’t neglect them

Even if many people tend to neglect the security of their windows it is better to take into account your window locks too. If you want to ensure a maximum level of security to your house, make sure you choose window security locks. Most of the break-ins happen via an unsupervised window or door. Make sure you don’t leave the door open for burglars to take advantage of such opportunities.

Have a security lock installed to the most vulnerable window in the house. It is usually a back window that can be hidden enough so that a burglar considers it an opportunity. You can also have security bars installed to make sure nobody enters the house. Contact a locksmith and ask him to help you choose the security accessories for your windows.

Conclusions about Yale locks

No lock is perfect, but if you want modern, high security locks, consider having Yale digital locks or smart locks installed. Ask a residential or commercial locksmith help you decide which type of lock you need for your front door or even for your windows.