What services does a locksmith offer

what services locksmiths

When thinking about locksmith, most people think that a locksmith is a person that can help you when you’re locked out of your house or when you need a key cutting. In fact, locksmiths can offer you plenty of services that can be split into two main categories: the auto/car category and the home/business category. Locksmiths will help you secure your car, your house or your business from burglars, intruders and rivals. So, here are the main services that locksmiths do.

Car key replacements and car lockouts

Car key replacements is one of the many services locksmiths offer. They have the right equipment and the expertise to do it. They can do car key replacements for those who have lost or broken their car key or simply need a spare key, whatever the car’s type. Some car keys require special equipment and experience that can only be provided by a professional locksmith. Also, you can contact a locksmith if you need a car key copy.

Locksmiths can also unlock your car in case of a car lockout. They are the professionals that can unlock your car fast and easy, without damaging it. Shortly, auto locksmith services include duplicating and cutting car keys, repairing car keys and locks, replacing lost or broken car keys and unlocking cars.

Lock installation, repairs and replacements and key fob replacements

From basic door knobs to the modern, complex and high security ones, locksmiths offer you services such as installation, repairs and replacement for locks and key fobs. Locks are not very easy to install, so if you want to make sure they are properly installed you need to contact a professional local locksmith. When it comes to key fobs, they can easily stop working, break or lose, so a locksmith will immediately replace is.

Cut any type of keys

Key cutting service is another thing that locksmiths do. They are able to cut keys whatever the type of lock is. You can get your keys cut to a professional emergency locksmith even if is a key for your garage door, for your house door, cabinet door or any other type of door.

Rekeying services

Whether we are talking of a house or business rekeying, this is another service offered by locksmiths. Rekeying is required in case you want to deny access to your house to someone who has a key copy. Instead of changing lock ( which means you need to buy a new one and install it ) you can call a locksmith and ask him to rekey the lock. This option is cheaper and also, very secure. This also works for a business owner who fired and employee who had the keys to the building and who won’t give them back.

Safe installation and repair

If you own a safe you need to contact a locksmith to install it, to secure it or to repair it if needed. A safe that fits your needs has to work properly. Whether we refer to a safe for your business or one for your house, a cheap locksmith will install, relocate, open and repair it whenever needed. Their services apply to any type of safe and vault, from digital ones to dial lock ones.

Installation of panic bars and exit systems

In today’s business world, panic bars and exit systems are very important. They are needed in those situations of threat, such as a fire, burglary, mass shooting or any type of incidents. Panic bars and exit devices are needed for a safe escape, so a properly installation is very important. A professional locksmith will install any type of panic bar and exit device and will make sure you are safe.

More locksmith services

There are many other services that locksmith offer, such as house and commercial lockouts, fixing any kind of locks, inspecting and fixing the entry and exit locks, integrated access control system installation, supply, fit and repair window locks, garage door maintenance and burglary repairs. The world of locksmiths is very mixed. If you ever need a professional help, contact a locksmith near you, but be aware of scammers that are promising prices that sound too good to be true.