How to unlock doors without damaging them

unlock doors without damaging

Let’s face it. Locked out of house and having no patience? Having to unlock doors is a tiresome and frustrating task. It happens more often than you would have imagined. As we live a busy life, we find ourselves neglecting important aspects related to the security and functionality of our locking systems.

As a consequence, we end up facing additional problems such as being locked out of house. Of course nobody wants to deal alone with such situation. In the heat of the moment, you can get angry, frustrated or extremely worried. Under such circumstances, you only think of how to unlock doors fast. Suddenly, kicking the door doesn’t seem a bad idea if all you want is to get back inside the house.

However, regrets will come later. In order to prevent such actions, you can try different approaches that will decrease the risk of you damaging the door or the locks. Here are a few ways, as recommended by local locksmiths, on how to unlock doors without damaging them.

Open locked door by using bobby pin

This is not a professional manner and may come with risks. But there are also chances that you manage to successfully open locked doors. This approach is based on picking the lock in such a manner that the entire mechanism of actions resembles the working key. Many types of locks can be picked, from mortise locks to pin tumbler locks. By far, these two are the most popular approaches.

The process of picking a locks implies that the plug will rotate when the key is inserted. The rotation of the plug determines the locking or unlocking motion. Residential locksmiths in Woolwich SE18 use special picking tools. But if you are alone and want to give it a try, you can improvise a tool alike professional one.

For example, you can use clips and bobby pins to fit the lock picking length. You can also use a hook to try and unlock the door. uPVC doors can be handled too. You have to be careful not to push the object too much as they can get stuck and you won’t be able to extract them without the help of a uPVC locksmith.

Use a card before calling the door opening service

This approach is not suitable for high security locks such as double cylinder locks. But you can use a plastic card or even a credit card. The most important thing is to find the right way to insert the card between the latch and door frame. By applying pressure on the card against the latch, you should be able to open the door. This action should be performed while slightly pushing the door.

By inserting the card between the doorknob and the door frame you will be able to activate the lock mechanism. It is important to see the location of the door frame and you can do this by pushing the door back.There are various ways of moving the card. You can tilt or bend the card, you can simply apply pressure on it, directing it to the lock. Whichever way you choose, make sure you choose a card that is thick enough to not bend and become too flexible. Call a residential locksmith to help you.

Contact the unlock house service near you

This method will guarantee that your lock will not be damaged. Unless the residential locksmith is not certified, you can make sure your lock and door components will be completely protected. This is why, the main and most important step is to make sure you contact a trusty locksmith in Penge SE20 or anywhere else in London.

Emergency locksmiths cover all areas and are equally spread across South East, North, West, South West London and Outer London. If the locksmiths has no certification or accreditation, you risk having your door damaged. In this case, the consequences are even worse.

So the best thing to do is contact a trusty locksmith company in your area and ask them to provide you with unlock house service. The more details you give them, the more helpful their service will be for you. But there is no need to become to worried that you don’t offer enough information. A mobile locksmith is usually at any requested destination in less than half an hour so you won’t have to wait too much.

Try to keep calm until you open your door lock

Easier said than done, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to try to remain as focused as possible. Don’t try to force yourself to be calm because this is not a realistic goal. Instead, focus on what can be done. While waiting for a locksmith in Clapton E5 to arrive, you can check the other doors or windows in case you forgot one open. The key here is to remain focused on the controllable facts and actions, not mainly on the unfortunate event of being locked out of your own house.