How to overcome a car lockout

car lockout

Car lockout is something that almost every driver has experienced at least one time. Situations when we lock ourselves outside are very common and very unpleasant for those in the situation. This is not something that happens all the time, so you may panic for the beginning. But there are some tips that can help you through those stressing moments when you forget your keys inside the car, so you’re facing a car lockout.

Creating a plan of action for these kind of situations, will help you be better prepared nex time ( hopefully there won’t be any next time ). Most car owners damage the car while trying to obtain their key which means they lose lots of time and money. Here are some suggestions that can help you regain your keys when you face a car lockout.

Try to open all your dors

There are some cases when the only locked door is the driver’s. So, when you get yourself locked out, make sure all the doors are actually locked. Also, check if the windows are sealed. Before taking any other measure, try to open each door. You can also try to open the trunk. If the trunk is open, you may be able to get inside the car through the trunk. So checking all the doors and the trunk is the first thing to do when you face a car lockout.

Keep a spare key

Another advice is to keep a spare key every time you leave your home, either if it is for a long or a short distance. You may store your key in your wallet for example, or in your travel bag if you go on vacation. This way, you will survive a car lockout without any help. If you don’t have a spare key, you can contact a professional auto locksmith and ask for a car key duplication. You can have as many copies of the original key as you want. A professional local locksmith will make a car key duplication very fast which will help you in case of a car lockout.

Attach your contact to the keys in case you lose them

A car lockout may be a result of lost keys. The possibility of losing your car keys is very high, so when this thing happens, your car key may be found by a good person who will contact you if you attach your phone number on the keys. However, you also need to make sure your car is secured to prevent unauthorised access. Of course, it is recommended to keep your keys in a safe place and to check you have the keys before you lock the car.

Seek professional help such as a trusted locksmith

Unlocking car doors is one of the many things that professional locksmiths do. So, if you ever face a car lockout and don’t have the possibility to open the car, make sure you have a local locksmith’s contact at hand. A professional emergency locksmith will have your car unlocked just within a couple of minutes. They have special tools and keys that can open any type of car locks. This means, you don’t have to waste time and money to break your car door or window or damage the car. A 24 hour locksmith will easily open your car for a decent price and also will ensure that no damage is caused to your car.

When the time comes and you find yourself in the situation of a car lockout, keep in mind these steps and unlock your door without taking drastic measures that will damage your car. Locking out of the car happens more often than you may think, so don’t waste valuable time and money with dangerous methods of unlocking the car.