how to replace lost car keys

How to replace lost car keys

Car keys are very valuable because without them you’re not able to use your car, so losing them can be very frustrating especially when you’re in a hurry. Losing keys are a very common problem among car owners, but luckily car key replacement for a lost car key is very easy and not as expensive as you may think.

Whether you lost it or you misplaced it and you don’t have a spare key, your vehicle needs one working key in order to function. If you ever find yourself in the situation of losing your car keys, you need to know that there are some simple ways on how you can replace your lost car keys.

Find out the VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number )

When you need to replace your car keys, whether you choose to replace them at the dealership or you choose a locksmith, you need to know the VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number ). On most cars, you can find the VIN located on the dashboard, on the rear wheel, in the trunk or on the frame of the car.

If you can’t find the VIN located on your car, than you need to look it up in the car insurance book, on each page. Also, you need to know the year when your car was made and the model of your vehicle because every car key is unique and with these information you’ll know the specific car key that you need.

Check the type of car key you need

If you want to know what price to expect when replacing your lost car key, you need to know the type of the key and the model of your vehicle. Regarding the type of the key, there are two major types: remote keys and transponder keys. Remote keys can be with fob, with integrated key and remote keyless fob. Transponder keys don’t have a central locking neither control functions on the key.

The price regarding the car key replace varies from 25 £ up to 200 £. It all depends on the vehicle model and age, on the key type ( whether it is a remote or a transponder key ), on the distance the locksmith has to make to get to you and the time of the day or night when you call a locksmith.

Contact a professional qualified locksmith

Contacting a professional qualified specialist is a much cheaper method than contacting the dealership to replace your lost car keys. Whether your vehicle is old or new and whatever the type of your key is, a cheap locksmith will replace it within minutes. Find a locksmith near you, preferable an emergency locksmith that you can call at any hour during the day or the night, who is able to replace and reprogram your car key.

Some people choose to replace the key at a local locksmith and reprogram it at a dealership, but if you find a locksmith to do both things, you will save a lot of money. Also, you might consider asking the locksmith to make a spare key for you. This way, even if you lose one key, you will have a spare one.

Contacting a professional locksmith will provide you a replacement key fast and easy and will also get your car opened in case you face a car lockout. Key replacement can be expensive, so keep a spare key with you all the time in order to save some money.