How much does cost replace Mercedes key

How much does it cost a Mercedes key

If you are the owner of a Mercedes car and at some point you need a key replacement, you need to choose whether you want to have a key replacement at a dealership, or you choose an auto locksmith for this problem. Reasons why you may need a key replacement are various.

For example, maybe you lost your Mercedes key, you face a car lockout, your current key is broken or the ignition won’t start even if the key doesn’t seem broken.

No matter what is the reason, you don’t need to panic because a key replacement is a simple and affordable problem that can be fixed very easy. But before asking for a key replacement for your Mercedes car, you need to follow some steps.

  • Prove the ownership of the car

If you lost your current key and you don’t have any other key, you first need to prove that you are the owner of the car. Whether you choose to go to a dealership or a locksmith, you need to get them the driver’s license or identity card. You’ll have your key replaced from the Vehicle Identification Number.

At a dealership, a Mercedes key replacement price starts from 200 £, but the price can go up to 500 £, according to your car’s model and year of registration. If you choose to replace your key at a cheap locksmith agency, you’ll need to pay somewhere around 100 £ or even less.

Locksmiths have lower prices, but offer high quality services in a very short amount of time.

  • Mercedes key replacement

No matter what happened to your car keys, if you contact a professional emergency locksmith, he will offer you a replacement key for your Mercedes car regardless the model of your car. Choosing a local locksmith is a very affordable option. Besides, a 24 hours qualified locksmith will help you retrieve your car key at any hour during the day or the night.

A licensed, trustworthy technician has the right tools and skills to help you not only with a key replacement, but also if you need to extract your broken key from your car, if you face a car lockout, if you need a key programming and so on.

  • Useful tips

If you want to protect your key from any potential damage, you can use a Mercedes key cover. If you notice any damages to your key, you may want to consider to replace it, even if the key still works. If your key is damaged, you never know when it will stop working, so having a spare key will be very useful and handy.

If you lose your current key and you are worried that it might get in the wrong hands, you should get your car to your dealer and let them disable the lost key. Last but not least, keep an locksmith number in your agenda and call him when you need a key replacement for your Mercedes car or face any other auto problems regarding your keys.