Office lockout – do’s and don’ts

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Office lockouts are more than frustrating. They can cause an entire chain of consequences that will affect the schedule of your working day. Because many commercial buildings have complex locking systems, being locked out of one room or even the entire building results in having to deal with many locks at the same time.

For example, master key systems are one of the most popular options when it comes to keeping the office secure. But when the main key is lost or the many locks become defective, employees have difficulties unlocking doors.

When it comes to office lockouts, professional locksmith Manor Park E12 offer tips and tricks to prevent worsening this situation and to increase the chances of having your doors unlocked more easy. Here are the main do’s and don’t’s when facing an office lockout.

Don’t force the office lock

Under pressure, you may be tempted to push or pull the office lock. After all, what could be worse than the current situation? Commercial locksmiths advise you to refrain from such behavior. You could deteriorate a lock that can be rekeyed. Moreover, if you could break the key even more and make the key extraction process more difficult.

Some locks can be open after multiple attempt of pushing the door and pulling the door handle. But you shouldn’t risk having to replace the lock and spend an additional amount of money when there is no need for you to do so.

Have a locksmith install commercial locks

This may seem an obvious piece of advice, but you would be surprised to find out that many office doors don’t have commercial locks installed. In case of office lockout, call an emergency locksmith Chiswick and ask him to install a new commercial lock. Notice that professional, certified locksmiths install commercial locks. The main difference between residential locks and commercial locks refers to their design and security features.

A commercial lock is designed to be used by a high number of people and will resist more in time. This doesn’t mean that a good residential lock will protect the home owner. But consider how many times a day you need to use your front door lock as a home owner and how many times a day your office lock is used.

This is the main reason you should always insist on having a commercial lock installed to your office doors, especially the building’s doors. You don’t want to change your locks every year, right?

Key duplication? Not really. Try keypad locks

The standard option to ensure commercial building’s accessibility is to choose key duplication as a solution. The most common case is to have every new and old employee and employer a key copy so that everybody has access to the office. What are the disadvantages to such option?

Imagine losing the key and having to call your colleague just to find out he or she is out of town.
Not to mention the lockout itself. If the lock expands or contracts, no key copy will help you open it. Moreover, after rekeying the lock or replacing the entire lock. There is no need to follow this old school approach.

Instead, consider installing a keypad lock. This type of electronic lock allows any employee to have access to the building without having to carry a key. Not to mention it is highly secure and will prevent you from having to duplicate a lot of keys for all of the people that need to be in the office. Some keypad locks cannot be picked because they are completely keyless. This means an increased level of security.

You will have high accessibility and won’t have to worry about unwanted guests. If you are facing a lockout, it is your chance to make a change that will benefit you in the near future. Call a locksmith Kilburn and ask him to provide you with a free quote. Consider replacing your standard lock with a keypad lock.

You can call a night and day locksmith

Working overtime is a common practice. But getting locked out of office at the end of a busy working day should not be a problem anymore. If your key is stuck in the lock and you need to be in the office for an important meeting the next morning, consider calling a night and day locksmith. Emergency locksmiths arrive in less than 30 minutes and will unlock your office doors as fast as possible.

You don’t have to postpone important meetings and projects simply because you have been locked out of office.
Call a locksmith and follow your own working schedule. Office lockouts can be as common as residential lockouts and there is no need to wait for a locksmith to arrive and solve this problem.