How to prevent burglaries in Marble Arch London

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Preventing burglaries is one of the main concern of most people because everyone needs to feel safe in its own house. Home security has always been a top priority especially these days when burglaries have intensified. Surprisingly, most burglaries occur during daytime, between 6 am and 6 pm, because that’s when most people are at work.

To avoid being robbed, we must take the best measures whether that would involve a new and a better lock, home security cameras or other improvements. Burglars don’t take any risk and act quickly, so they usually don’t bother with high security locking systems because they require effort to break. If you want to keep burglar out of your house, here are some tips on how to improve your home security and keep your house and goods safe. You can always contact a locksmith Marble Arch to offer you the best deal for security door locks.

Install home security cameras in Marble Arch

On of the best and more useful ways to prevent burglaries, is to install security cameras. A burglar is most likely to avoid a house with security cameras because the risk of being caught is very high. Most security cameras trigger an audio alarm, so this is a very useful improvement regarding your house security. If you can’t afford a security camera, you can buy a fake one until you save enough money for a real one. But don’t count on a fake security camera too much time because professional burglars may be able to recognize a fake security camera.

Choose a smart lock from locksmiths in Marble Arch

A smart lock is always a good idea because not only is easier to use, but it also guarantees you higher security. Nowadays you can find on the market many types of smart locks, such as locks that require a voice command or a pin code or locks that can be controlled by your smartphone. Some door locks have an application that alerts you on your mobile phone when an intruder try to break in. Whatever type of smart lock you choose, contact a London locksmith to install it if you want your lock to work properly. We recommend to change door locks in London only with certified locksmiths.

Install motion activated lights

Motion activated lights can be a smart way to scare the burglars away from your house. Burglars hate being in the spotlight, so having motion activated lights at night might keep them away. They prefer houses without a lot of defenses because they want to sneak in and out easy and quick. Choose motion activated lights all around your property and you’ll be safer this way.

Use indoor lights on timers

Your house needs to be safe especially when you are away, so putting indoor lights on random timers will guarantee you better security. Random timers are important because you don’t want burglars to detect a pattern. Leaving lights off when you are away, will let burglars know that the house is empty and you’ll become an easy target this way.
Other tips to prevent burglaries

There are many other ways to prevent burglaries. Among them are window locks. Usually burglars break into a house through a window, so window locks are the best way to keep them away. Another tip is to have a big barking dog. Many burglars are afraid of them, so this will keep them away, but only get a dog if you can take care of it. Also, make sure you don’t have dark spots or hidden areas around your house, such as bushes and shrubs that are not trimmed, because burglars might hide in there.

Don’t keep your valuables at sight. If you want to prevent burglars from seeing into your house, keep your blinds closed and your valuables away from windows. When you’re away on vacation for example, keep a low profile on social media. If a burglar notices that you are away, he may target your home.

Keep in mind these helpful tips and keep burglars away from your house. The more you improve your security, the more you slow burglars down. For more advices about how to prevent burglaries and how to keep your house safer, contact a professional locksmith and let the expert to give you the best advices.