What to do to protect your propriety from burglars

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Break-ins are stressful experiences, irrespective of the financial damage produced. The simple thought of someone breaking into your house just to look through personal things is perceived as a violation of the intimacy. Nobody wants to find himself in such situation so there are a lot of measures you can take to reduce the risk of your house being broken into. The first thing that comes to mind is to call an emergency locksmith and, afterwards, one might even consider installing a security system.

Apart from buying and installing motion sensor cameras and buying the most popular padlock on the market for your yard, there are some other approaches that prove to be beneficial in the long term. Find the best tips on how to increase your residential security and know exactly what to do to protect your propriety from burglars.

Choose the proper locks as helped by locksmiths

This probably the most intuitive piece of advice. However, this characteristic is not enough if you want to be sure you have the best high security lock. Other aspects such as metal content and whether it is able to resist a potential bypass.

So before buying a double cylinder deadbolt, make sure it has a high degree of metal content. Low quality locks have less metal and more plastic or other materials that make the lock more vulnerable to being drilled. Bypass methods are ways of entering the house without involving visible or very aggressive bumps.

Bypassing involves unlatching the lock and it is applied to locks that have no keyhole. There are many methods one can bypass a lock. Unfortunately, many burglars bypass the locks simply because it leaves no visible sign.

In order to prevent this situation, it is advisable to buy a lock with key. Change locks with the help of a skilled locksmith. Newer generations of locks have anti-bypass properties. For example, you can choose a high security deadbolt for your front doors. In order to make an informed decision, contact a City Locksmith in Kennington SE11 Lock supply is being offered by a local locksmith so you don’t have to worry that you will have to look for locks without knowing what you are doing.

Inspect window locks regularly

Most of break-ins happen via an unsecured window. People often focus on their front locks and forget of regularly inspecting window locks. Burglars often attach the least visible windows. So target the backyard windows at first. Moreover, when choosing window locks, make sure you don’t place the lock in a visible area.

Even if there will be no successful break in attempt at first, this will give the burglar the occasion to observe the lock and have time to prepare his attack based on such information. You should also take into account using security film for our windows. This is a measure of security useful for many homeowners.

You find special security film online and in any shop near you

Another piece of advice is to install security bars to the most vulnerable windows. Even if the burglars manage to break the window, they will not be able to gain access to the house. Moreover, if you place the lock far from an accessible point, it will be impossible for the burglar to reach it.

You should also install window locks so to complete the whole approach. Avoid window latches as they are one of the least secure types of locks. Instead, you can choose from a wide variety of  locks, including locking pin locks and keyed window security locks. Call a locksmith in Hounslow or anywhere else in London.

Take care of perimeter area using a padlock

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to only using a padlock. It is an old type of lock and although it can be cut, you can use it as an additional security measure. Padlocks can be secure, as long as you take into account the European norms of security for locks, known as “CEN ratings”. As a general rule, the higher the number (which has a range between 1 to 10), the better it is as it signifies that the lock is more resistant.

Another advantage of using a padlock for your perimeter doors is that it will allow you to evaluate the health of your exterior locks. If the padlock has been deteriorated or if you notice scratches, this may be the first warning signal. In this case, you can take into account a potential failed break in attempt.

All in all, there are measures you can take to decrease the chances of your house being broken into. This implies constantly checking the window and door locks and making sure you replace old locks if you have recently moved.
A locksmith in East Ham E6 is always available to help you anytime if you want to have other locks installed. Find a locksmith near you and get a free quote too.