How to get a replacement key for Mercedes

How do i get a new key for my Mercedes

The need of a car key is a very common problem that almost every car owner face at some point in London. If you don’t have your key, you aren’t able to use your car and this may affect your daily routine because many people depend on their cars.

If you need a Mercedes key there are some ways that you can do that. The most common cases when someone need a replacement key is when they have a malfunctioning key, they lost the key or they misplaced it.

Regardless the situation, every car owner needs at least one working key. Below you will find some tips on how you can get a replacement key for your Mercedes.

  • Find out the VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number )

When you need a replacement key for your Mercedes, first thing to do is to write down the VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number ). You can find the VIN on the dashboard or engine bay of the car. On some cars you can find the VIN on a rear wheel, in the trunk or on the door jam.

If you can’t find the VIN, than you need to check the car’s insurance paperwork. Usually, the number it’s located on the top left hand corner on each page.

Once you’ve found the VIN, write down the year and specific model of your Mercedes. This information is required, otherwise you can’t get a replacement key for Mercedes Benz, because this way you will know the specific key that your Mercedes needs, because car keys are unique.

  • Contact a professional qualified locksmith

Getting a replacement key for your Mercedes requires the help of a licensed locksmith. Calling an auto locksmith will not only solve the problem fast and easy, but will also save you a lot of money comparing to a dealership.

Locksmiths offer you the best deal regarding a car key replacement, and if you find a 24 hours locksmith, you can call him at every hour during the day or the night.

A licensed locksmith is able to help you replace your Mercedes key regardless of the year and the model of your car. Besides, he can help you with many problems regarding your car key, such as key programming, key duplicating, solving car lockouts and so on.

Not least, a professional locksmith will help you without damaging your car or your car key, and will offer you high quality services and reliability.

  • Always have a spare key

Replacing your lost, stolen or broken Mercedes car key is not enough. You should consider always having a spare key with you because this way, you’ll prevent any frustrating situation such as a car lockout, breaking the key in the ignition or losing your key.

Having a spare key means you won’t have to waste time and money or even cause some damage to your car while you try to open it. Besides, a spare key doesn’t cost much.

Your car security is very important so whenever you need a replacement key for your Mercedes, contact a professional locksmith and get a new key fast and easy. Keep in mind that having an expert to solve this kind of problems is best for your reliability.