How can i get a new key for my car

How can i get a replacement key for my car

Many car owners find themselves in the situation when they need to replace their car keys. The reasons why anyone needs a key replacement are various such as the key is broken, the ignition doesn’t start anymore or you’ve lost your keys.

Your car keys are very important because without them you won’t be able to use your car, which can be very frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. Luckily, replacing your car key is not hard, so here are some examples of how you can get a replacement key for your car.

Check your car insurance policy

If you lost your car key or it’s been stolen from you, check your car insurance policy to see if you’re able to claim the cost of a key replacement based on your car insurance policy. So first thing to do is to check your policy documents.

Gather your vehicle information

Before asking for help regarding your car key replacement, you need to gather some basic informations about your vehicle. These informations are needed to be able to identify the type of key you need. Given the fact that there are many different car models, you need the right key to operate your car.

Precisely, you need the VIN ( vehicle identification number ). You can find your VIN on the insurance card or on the car registration document. But if you can’t access these documents for various reasons, you can also find the VIN on the rear wheel, on the driver’s side dashboard, in the trunk and not only. If you’re not sure where you can find your VIN, ask for professional help.

Call a professional auto locksmith

An auto locksmith is the best option because he has the right tools and skills to replace your car key. Also, this is a much cheaper option than contacting a dealership. An auto locksmith is able to replace any type of car key for any type of vehicle. He will replace your key very fast, and if you choose a 24 hours locksmith, you’ll be able to ask for help at any hour during the day or the night.

Besides, a professional locksmith is able to help you with others problems regarding your car key such as repairing your key, copying or cutting it and so on.

Ask for an additional key

Once you’ve decided whether you’ll get a replacement car key from your car dealership or from a locksmith nearby, it is better if you make an additional key. Having a spare key is recommended because this way you’ll be able to avoid the frustrating situations like losing your key.

Car key replacement is sometimes required even if this means extra costs. But it is important to realise that your car’s security is very important and don’t forget that without a functional key you won’t have access to your vehicle. Ask for professional help and get a replacement key for your car fast and easy.