Lost car key? What to do to unlock doors faster

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Lost car key incidents don’t have to become a tragedy. Hard as it may seem not to consider them that way, you can optimize the entire process of replacing car key and getting a new car key. Such unfortunate event can happen to anyone and there is no need to worry too much, although you may feel it’s the end of the world.

Many people get very anxious, become disorganized and even try to force the door, making matters worse. The most intuitive option is to call a car locksmith and patiently wait for him to arrive. However, it is highly improbable for any anxious person to do so. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make this process easier.

Keep the lock safe and undamaged

It is very tempting to force the door, try any DYI method you know, or introduce foreign bodies inside the lock. After all, we all like to feel in control and eliminate uncertainty. But if this means making things worse, it is better to refrain from doing so. An available, yet damaging solution is to find a needle and use it to unlock doors. You may think “What harm can I do with a thin needle?” However, even a thin needle can damage the car lock.

Another idea that immediately pops to people mind’s it to push and pull the door handle or, when it comes to modern cars, use another electronic key. While the last option is harmless and completely useless, the first one can damage your lock. Avoid pushing and pulling the car’s door handle. Be patient and wait for the car locksmith to arrive. Meanwhile don’t attempt to force the door as you can end up paying even more for the lock change or lock repair.

A useful piece of advice would be to provide the car locksmith with additional details. When calling the car emergency locksmith, make sure you tell him any detail you consider relevant. It is useful to know what type of car you have, if possible, what is your lock type and how old is the car lock. Although you may not have an immediate measure of your effort, it is safer to do so instead of risking to damage your car locks.

Call an auto locksmith in London

This is the most intuitive solution. Of course this has already come to your mind. But probably the most important thing to take into consideration is the time you have to wait. Many people rush to call an auto locksmith in less than 5 minutes after discovering they are facing a car lockout. Due to the fact that they become anxious, irritated, or angry, they believe it is the right way to do.

However, it may be worth trying to open the doors before rushing to call a locksmith. In some cases, one of the back doors is left unlocked and you can gain access to the car faster. Even though the problem may not be solved, you can have more control over your time and decide when to call an auto locksmith.

Only after you have checked all of your doors, call an auto locksmith and tell him about your car lockout. If you do so, you can even spare some money. An auto emergency locksmith is more expensive than a standard locksmith.

Keep your vehicle under surveillance until you unlock car doors

This is an important piece of advice most people neglect. It is normal to become focused on contacting a city locksmith near you and almost forget keeping an eye on your car. The opposite can happen too. You can become too vigilant and indirectly attract burglars.

The best way to keep your vehicle under surveillance until you unlock car doors is to make sure you keep an eye on the car while not fussing around too much. If the car is not in a lit area, you can call a friend and spend time talking on the phone until the car locksmith arrives. This way you won’t seem overprotective and yet, be able to maintain an eye on the car.

Don’t just count on the 24 hour locksmith services

You may think that the 24 hour locksmith services are the universal solution when it comes to dealing with a car lockout. While this is true, it’s better to follow other preventive measures. For example, always have a spare key. And if you are one of those people that have a lot of things in mind and are prone to forgetting, you can give the spare key to your best friend or any trusty person.

Another way to reduce the chances of a car lockout is to constantly take care of your keys. Use special lubricants for the lock and clean your car key. Dirt can accumulate and damage both the lock and the key.