4 cheap ways to burglar proof your home

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Door lock installation is the main part of securing your house. Protecting your home from burglars is the first necessity one thinks about when it comes to house security. Nobody wants to have important documents or even money put at risk any time of the day or night. Securing your front and back doors is essential to prevent a break in and to maintain the peace of your mind.

Knowing that domestic burglary in United Kingdom reached 650,0002 incidents by the end of March 2017, one cannot maintain the peace of mind for too long. This means that 2 in 100 households have been broken into. Indeed, door lock installation, along with home alarm, are important when you want to secure your house.

And if you think that a home alarm can help you secure your house, think twice. Statistics show that up to 40% of homeowners have a functional burglar alarm, but one third don’t even set it when they leave the house. This leaves the house unsecured and vulnerable to break-ins.

Bearing in mind these facts, one can ask himself “How can I increase the security of my house?” Apart from calling a domestic locksmith in Ilford or anywhere else and buying high security locks, there are few tips you can use to increase the security of your house. Here are cheap ways to burglar proof your home.

Use deadbolt locks for uPVC door and window locks

Probably the most important piece of advice one can use when it comes to preventing break-ins is using proper locks. Good locksmiths in Marble Arch W1C recommend installing deadbolt locks for uPVC door and window locks. Usually, deadbolts are thought to be one of the most secure type of locks.

For such reasons, many experts recommend installing uPVC door and window locks to your front doors. The best versions are the double cylinder deadbolt locks for door locks and window locks. While it may be tempting to install a plain lock or a padlock to your window, a deadbolt is by far much more secure than other lock types. Usually, you can find deadbolt locks at affordable prices during the entire year.

Perform lock changes for patio doors too

Elegant and ideal for letting the light inside the house, patio door, generically known as sliding doors, are ideal for any type of house. They are a popular option for holiday mansions and offer a delightful view. However, they are highly susceptible to break-ins too. This is why many people do install high security locks to their patio doors.

Yet, as in the case of unchecked home alarms, people tend to neglect improving or checking their patio door locks from time to time. Locks have different life span based on many factors such as lock type, environmental factors, break-in attempts. Ideally, you should have your locks checked from time to time. It may be the care to perform lock changes for patio doors. Or, you can use a security bar for your patio door. Call a city locksmith in Paddington W2 to help you verify your patio door locks.

Call a trusty locksmith to reinforce doors

Knowing that approximately 30% of burglars gain access through an unlocked window or door, it is essential to reinforce door. A home locksmith in your area can help you reinforce doors. In order to spare money, you can schedule a meeting with a residential locksmith in your area. You can find good locksmith in South West, South East, North London, and any part of London.

Don’t wait until your front door lock is completely dysfunctional. You pay more when you request locksmith services. There are many ways you can have your doors reinforced. You can upgrade existent locks, replace strike plate, install security films on glass planes. Call a locksmith and let him guide you through this process.

Find cheap locksmiths in your area to check doors

Last, but not least, you can follow this well-known advice: prevent before you need to treat. Instead of waiting for the door locks to show signs of deterioration, you can find cheap locksmiths in your area to verify all your door locks and window locks. The process is similar to any medical examination, if you want an analogy.

If you visit your doctor when you are experiencing problems, not only you will pay more for the investigation or treatment, but also it will take longer to cure yourself. You can plan in advance and call a locksmith in North London or East London to verify all of your door locks. You may be surprised to find out that many of your locks are more vulnerable than you think.
Find a locksmith near you and ask him to offer you a free quote to be able to make an informed choice. You will end up paying less in the long term and you will increase the chances to protect your home from burglars.