how much does it cost get locksmith unlock your car

How much does it cost to get a locksmith to unlock your car

Car lockout situations happen every day among the car owners. Whether they lose their car keys or they lock them inside the car, these situations are very common.

Sometimes people try desperate measures to unlock their car and many of them damage the vehicle. This is why you need to call an emergency locksmith once you’ve realized you’re being locked out of your car.

A qualified locksmith will unlock your car fast and easy without causing any damage to it because he has the right skills and tools to open it whatever the vehicle model and year of fabrication is.

Common reasons for car lockout situations

As we mentioned above, car lockout situations are very common. Among the many reasons of car lockouts there are the lock malfunctions, lost or misplaced keys, keys locked inside of the car, jammed keys, damaged keys or lock, frozen locks or stolen keys.

Whatever the reason, you need to call a locksmith and ask him to replace your car key and unlock the car. Also, it is recommended to ask him to make a spare key in order to avoid any other lockout situations.

Trying to unlock the car yourself, might activate the alarm system which will make you look like a thief. Also, the risk of damaging the car, by breaking the window or anything else, is very high. An auto locksmith will open your car within minutes and will cut a new key for you if it’s necessary.

Unlocking a car prices

The situation when a car owner cannot gain access back to his car is a car lockout. In order to unlock it, you need to contact a local locksmith. The price for unlocking the vehicle varies because the price depends on the way of your lockout, on the vehicle and key type and other factors. Usually, the price for unlocking a car starts from 65 £, but it can go up to 100 £ and even more.

For example, if your key is broken and you don’t have a spare key, you will have to pay somewhere around 170 £ for unlocking the car and for cutting a new car key. You also need to consider the broken key extraction cost, in case your key broke inside the lock and a piece is left inside. The price for a broken key extraction is around 65 £.

Tips about how to avoid car lockout situations

A car lockout situation is very frustrating and sometimes can be very expensive to unlock your car. In order to prevent these situations, you need to pay attention not to lose your car keys. For instance, you can attach them to your hand bag or your belt. Also, it is recommended to have a set of spare keys.

You can keep them at home or give them to a close friend or a relative who can help you whenever the situation requires. Or you can hide the spare keys in a safe place outside your car.

Also, if you lose your keys, there is an application that you can use to find your keys. This will make a sound when you’re near your keys.

If you ever face a car lockout situation, don’t panic. Every delicate situation has its own solution. Call a professional and cheap locksmith and let him unlock your car safe and easy.