How to maintain the security of your house during warm season

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Home security during holiday time can be more challenging than you expect. Everybody has locks and even alarm systems and those two factors seem enough, right? Expert locksmiths in Stockwell SW9 are not that sure. There are also other factors that involve habits and even financial efforts so you can return to your house and not discover it has been broken into.

Knowing that nearly one third of home owners don’t activate their alarms should make one even more vigilant. Moreover, most break-ins happen at night, in urban areas. Contrary to the common belief, burglars attack urban flats and residences because they know they have more to steal from these places.

With the warm season coming, a lot of people step into the holiday mood, neglecting closing windows and checking front door locks. Most burglars gain access to the house via open windows or simply bypassing weak window locks.

If you wish to maximize the safety of the house and learn simple habits to make less and less effort thinking “How should I improve the security of my house?”, follow the short guideline below.

Install window safety locks

In order to prevent burglars from gaining access to your house you need to change locks, especially window locks. As previously stated, windows are one of the weakest points of entry so they need to be targeted at first. Always choose a high security window safety lock. Grade A locks are high security locks. If you are in doubt on what type of lock to choose, contact a local locksmith in Bethnal Green E2 to guide you.

However, high security locks are usually more expensive due to lock complexity and metal content. But it is worth investing in window safety lock as you can spend your free time relaxed not thinking on whether your house is vulnerable to break-ins.

Consider window security bars

If you want to maximize the security of your house and are the careless type, there is another solution for you too: installing window security bars. Modern security bars come in all shapes and sizes and won’t disrupt the design of your living room. Moreover they can be adjustable and retractable, allowing you to have a lot of control over them.

Use high security locks for front doors

This is an essential measure you shout take. High security locks for doors such as double cylinder deadbolts usually have anti-picking and anti-bumping properties. Front door locks are the first line of defense and there is always a good idea to install high security locks. In fact, locksmiths near you recommend you install high security locks to your front door and the most accessible windows. If you are on a limited budget, consider these two points, as are the most vulnerable areas in your house.

Leave a spare key to a trusty relative

This is one delicate practice. Usually, people trust their relative and it is not that they are not trustworthy. But relatives and best friends are people and people may be neglectful. One goof practice to control the security of your house is to make sure someone is around to check the interior and the exterior of the house.

While you can have the exterior of your house monitored by installing a video camera, it is advisable to have a trusty friend to check the house from time to time. He or she doesn’t have to do it daily, but if he notices suspect activity around the house, he should come at two days.

Going back to leaving the key to a trusty person, choose a responsible friend, not your best friend. There is no use leaving the spare key to someone who is very busy or often forgets about his own things. Although this solution seem old school, it is better to be safe than to feel sorry afterwards.

Install an alarm system

Of course installing an alarm system will barely solve the problem, knowing that nearly one third of people turn on the alarm. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up this solution. A more suitable solution, as suggested by locksmiths in Mortlake SW14, is to install a smart alarm system. Smart alarm systems don’t require the human presence to be turned on.

So if you find yourself in the airport, already waiting for the plane to arrive, just to remember you forgot to turn on the alarm system, there is no need to worry. Modern smart alarm systems only require you having installed an application on your phone to be turned on.

Although locks are the main barrier between you and the successful attempt of a burglar to get inside the house, installing an alarm system will complement the security system of your house. This way you can truly enjoy your holiday and the warm spring days, without worrying about your house. Residential locksmiths also advise people on installing an alarm system.