7 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Deadbolt Lock

new deadbolt lock
There are a few things you should consider before replacing your deadbolt lock on your home. That’s why you need to know what questions to ask your locksmith. Here are some of the most common questions homeowner’s have before changing the locks on their home.

Well over half a million break-ins occur in the UK every year. These intrusions result in loss of property, reduced feelings of safety and comfort in a home, and even loss of life.

One of the best defenses against intruders are the locks you utilize on your exterior doors, particularly deadbolts.

Deadbolts are locks that are not spring activated. That means they cannot be turned via any means other than entering a key into its lock. They are excellent at resisting forced entry attempts and cannot be easily jimmied open.

If you’re in the market to have your deadbolt lock replaced due to damage or because you’re increasing your attention to security, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best bolt for your particular living situation.

To ensure that end, below are 7 questions you should ask when going through your replacement process.

1. Why Are You Replacing Your Lock?

Your reasoning behind replacing your deadbolt lock should influence the purchase decisions you make.

For example, are you replacing your deadbolt because it malfunctioned? If so, you’ll want to understand why that break occurred. If the lock was poorly made, stay away from the manufacturer or any of its subsidiary companies when purchasing a replacement. Need a locksmith anywhere? Find a locksmith in Islington.

Are you looking to upgrade your security? You can find a locksmith in Arsenal N5 too. North London locksmiths to Central London locksmiths are available 24/7. If you becoming newly conscious about the importance of security due to recent break-ins in the area, a new addition to your family or any number of other things is driving your deadbolt lock replacement, you will want to make sure that your upgraded deadbolt provides increased durability and protection over your old one.

A qualified locksmith can run you through different deadbolt types and which will provide the security you’re looking for.

2. Are you Getting a New Door or Adding a Lock to an Existing One?

If you’re adding a new deadbolt to an existing door, make sure that the door you’re adding your lock to is still strong enough to support it. Every hole you drill into even the strongest door reduces its wood content and consequently weakens the protection it provides.

Always make sure you or your locksmith add metal slipcovers to doors that a lot of wood has been drilled out of.

If you’re adding a deadbolt to a new door, make sure the door you’re purchasing comes with cross bore holes for easy mounting.

3. Is your Door Type and Expectations In Line?

If your door is hollow core there are very few reasons to replace your deadbolt lock. The door’s inherently weak nature will provide very little protection with or without a quality deadbolt.

If your door is glass, you’ll need to utilize a double cylinder deadbolt. If you use the wrong kind of deadbolt lock on a glass door, criminals will have a significantly easier time gaining entry to your property.

Discuss your door type with your locksmith in Croydon or anywhere in Central London, prior to investing in a high-quality deadbolt to make sure you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

4. Have You Taken the Measurements of Your Pre-Drilled Holes?

Many people simply opt to replace their deadbolt with the same kind of lock from the same manufacturer. If this is your approach, you don’t need to worry about measuring.

If you’re upgrading your deadbolt, however, you’ll want to take note of measurements surrounding your door’s holes. This includes the diameter of holes, the length of the cross-bore holes and the spacing between holes.

Remember, hole compatibility between deadbolts and doors can vary. Knowing the kind of deadbolt you need to accommodate your door can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

5. Do You Want a Standard or Electronic Deadbolt?

If you’re in the market to replace your deadbolt, you may want to consider one of the many advancements that have been made in the home security industry. Deadbolt locks are now capable of being unlocked via smartphones and electronic keypads.

There are varying schools of thought as to how secure technology-based deadbolts are, so be sure to educate yourself on convenience and security benefits/shortcomings before committing to this kind of upgrade. Find a locksmith to change locks in Sutton or Enfield, or, anywhere in Greater London, Central London, and South London.

6. Do You Want to Make Additional Upgrades When Purchasing Your Deadbolt?

While you’re going through the process of replacing your deadbolt, you may want to consider making additional incremental upgrades to your lock’s security. You can add a slipcover, use longer screws, and more.

Your locksmith can talk you through upgrades you can make to your deadbolt during your installation process. These can be well worth the nominal added expense.

7. Should You Hire a Professional to Change Your Locks?


A lot of people manage their lock replacements via DIY workflows. While this can save you a few pounds in the short-term, the risk you run of an improper installation and the consequential risk you put your family at is not worth it.

A locksmith will have all of the tools and experience to make sure your locks get installed correctly the first time. They can help you find the best deadbolt replacements and advise on what products will work best for your living situation.

Bottom line, if you take security seriously, you’ll want to work with a qualified locksmith.

Wrapping Up Questions to Ask Before Replacing a Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt lock can provide an added layer of security to your home that is worth its weight in gold. Investing in a high-quality one and having it installed professionally is a must for anybody mindful of security in their household.

To get started on the right track to finding the perfect deadbolt lock for you, we recommend going through our tips above. Also, be sure to talk to a qualified locksmith to help give you more personalized advice.

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