The risks of broken door locks – what to know to avoid home lockout

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To unlock doors appears to be an easy job for an emergency locksmith. However, everyone wants to avoid getting locked out of house. Most people only pay attention to a broken lock as they assume this is the only case that makes the house vulnerable to burglars. As a consequence, many people end up calling an emergency locksmith to change locks.

While such approach is a good one, there are still chances your door lock is vulnerable to break-ins. Expert locksmiths advise you to follow their recommendation in order to prevent home a lockout and a break-in. Here are some things you need to know to avoid such problems.

Pay attention to keys stuck in lock

Keys stuck in lock are annoying to anyone. Most people manage to remove the key by forcing the door. This can become a routine. But before taking this as a good solution, remember that there are also risks. By forcing the door lock, you can deteriorate the door. Even though this happens in time, you risk leaving the door vulnerable to burglars.

If you notice a slow functioning lock or if your keys get stuck in lock frequently, it is time to call a locksmith near you to check door locks and, if needed, change or fix locks. Even if the door is functional, don’t risk leaving it this way. Not only will you have your key broken, but also you deteriorate the cylinder, increasing chances of home lockout.

Call a residential locksmith to check door locks regularly

If you are the type that has a lot of things in mind and don’t want to bother having your locks checked, you can call a residential locksmith to verify door locks regularly. All you have to do is call a locksmith near you and give him details about your problem.
Keep in mind that even a slow responsive lock is still a problem. If your front door lock is broken, you need to call an emergency locksmith to change locks and install high security locks. The first line of defense is your front door.

If you notice that your door lock is suddenly dysfunctional or functions slowly, you may have been the victim of a break-in attempt. Usually, burglars force the door in order to gain access to the house. If the door lock resists their attempts, it usually gets damaged in a way or another. If you notice such signs, call a residential locksmith to evaluate the health of your door lock. It is better to have a “better safe than sorry approach” that to risk having your door lock broken.

Don’t try to repair front door locks all by yourself

Many people fall into the trap of the DYI tutorials when it comes to fixing front door locks. While a lot of video tutorials are made by professional locksmiths, they are not adapted to your on-site problems. For example, changing a double cylinder is not a hard job. If you follow some simple rules, you too can change it all by yourself. But if your front door has special requirements, you risk installing the lock improperly. While it can work, it will deteriorate in time. If your door usually expands and contracts due to temperature changes, this can affect the functionality of the lock. A video tutorial can’t cover all of the possibilities.

A better approach is to call a locksmith and ask him to help you check front door locks. If you are not decided, you can simply call a locksmith near you to request a free quote. You will find out if you need to fix door locks, repair locks, or install high security locks to your doors.

Take care of your yard before requesting locksmith services

When it comes to home security, most people tend to neglect the space that surrounds the house. Usually, people focus on front door locks and forget about their yard. However, a lot of burglars will follow tricky tactics just to gain access to your house. They may inspect the surroundings of the house for a couple of days or even weeks, just to detect some entry points.

Maybe you have no external security system, maybe the entire area is not well lit. Such factors can play a role in increasing the chances of a break-in. A broken lock is not the only vulnerable element. The area surrounding your house is as important as your locking system. You might want to invest in it as much as you invest in choosing and buying high security locks.

Take into consideration that many break-ins happen after sunset. And if the surroundings of your house not well lit, this will encourage the burglars to approach your house. In this case, it is advisable to install an efficient security system after requesting locksmith services.