File cabinet locks – are they suitable for you?

file cabinets locks

In our digital age, the security of your office has become more stable. Electronic lock and security applications make this job easy. However, a lot of commercial buildings still use file cabinet locks to have important folders secured. Locksmiths in London are ready to help you.

Some offices still use the paper approach when it comes to storing important documents, so security remains an essential aspect of file cabinet lock. Many commercial properties exclusively use such locks and even individual home owners prefer them.
If you are wondering whether cabinet door locks are suitable for you, find out some relevant details about them, how they function, their main flaws and advantages. Commercial locksmiths can help you in this sense.

How does the locking file cabinet system work?

File cabinet locks are usually used by commercial businesses and are similar to any other lock. They are based on classic keyed locking mechanism. File cabinet locks usually make use of single sided wafer locks. In order to have the security level enhanced, people also prefer to add push button locks and security bars. Some file cabinet locks have keypad options too. File cabinet locks can be repaired by residential locksmiths too.

Do I need file cabinet replacement keys?

Just like any other lock-set, you need spare keys. Cabinet lockout is also common, especially because many owners make the mistake of not keeping the keys near the other key set. It is foreseeable that one will lose the key by following this habit.
If you have lost both keys, you can always call a commercial locksmith in Wanstead E11. He will open the drawer fast, as one of the characteristics of file cabinet lock system is that it can easily be opened. However, it is better to prevent, rather than treat, as the old saying tells. Have a spare key or even to if you want to make sure you are able to regain access to your own office as fast as possible.

Future preventive measures imply that you always have a spare key with you. If you find it hard to keep it in the pocket or in the bag, ask a trusted friend or relative to do that for you. In any case, remember it is the security of important documents that needs to be assured so find and easy method for you to make sure you keep the documents safe, while at the same time you can access them.

Are there any flaws to cabinet door locks?

Just like any other locking system, cabinet door locks have disadvantages too. One main flaw is the security system. Their main purpose is to keep the contents locked. But this doesn’t mean that cabinet door locks are very secure. They can be picked and don’t resist when strong force is applied to them. In such cases, one usually calls an emergency locksmith.

Moreover, the keys used to lock and unlock them have unique codes imprinted on them. If a burglar or an interested person glances, he or she could easily see the code and make a key to unlock the drawer. You can’t avoid such things so it is worth taking into account such disadvantages when it comes to cabinet locks.

What can I do to improve the security of my cabinet locks with keys?

There are a lot of measures that can help you increase the chances to secure cabinet locks with keys. If you have one, don’t rush to discard its advantages. Rather, you can use file bars, practice key control, and make sure no one sees the unique code engraved on the key.

File bars are some type of security bars that are introduced into the filling cabinet. Locksmiths in Catford SE6 recommend using them along with other high security locks such as pad locks. File bars allow you to install additional security measures and as you will hear from professionals, it is always a good idea to use additional security measures, no matter how good a locking system is.

You can use the key control approach and don’t give the key to nobody unless trusty. Avoid exposing the engraved part of the key in public spaces or use a key box to keep the keys inside. Fit locks as helped by professional locksmiths.

Always make sure you secure the entire perimeter of your office or commercial building. A good practice is to limit access to the office and use surveillance systems to monitor who get inside the office. Make sure you secure your office doors too. Ask a locksmith to install high security locks for any of your door. This way, you indirectly enhance the security of your office.

Choose modern forms – concealed cabinet locks

If you want to maintain the aesthetics of your personal desk or want to keep the select office atmosphere, choose concealed cabinet locks. With an elegant design, such locks, also known as “invisible cabinet locks” have the exact same functions as the classic versions. They simply have design that hides the main components and makes them suitable for various elegant office styles. Call a locksmith in Mayfair W1k or anywhere in London to install locks.