What you need to know before buying new locks

new door locks

Highly secure lock is essential if you want to protect your house or office. Nobody wants to risk having his or her house broken into. For this reason, installing a good lock is essential. Not only a good lock will protect you from burglars and the derived consequences of such events, but also they will prove to be a beneficial investment in the long run.

But before you go and buy the latest lock model on the market, you need to take into consideration various aspects. Ask any local locksmith and he will tell you that the lock cylinder, the bolts, and the anti-bump characteristics matter even more than the novelty of the lock.

If you are planning to buy new locks, find below what you need to know to make an informed choice. Buying locks can also be performed by a specialized locksmith in Golders Green NW11 that will pick the most suitable lock for your doors.

Look for high security locks only when you need them

On one hand, this suggestion seems intuitive. On the other hand, you may ask yourself “Why wouldn’t I need high security locks all the time, for all of my doors?” The answer can be given by a uPVC locksmith. Interior doors don’t need extra security system if the front doors are endowed with high security locks. It would be a waste of time to buy double cylinder locks for all of your office door or house doors.

You should, however, but high security locks for front doors. If you live in a highly exposed area, it is better to choose a lock that has more cylinders. The best option is a deadbolt. Such locks are known for their security proprieties. If you want to make sure you choose the best locks, call a locksmith near you to give you professional advice. Look for complex cylinder locks and multi-point locks. A highly secure lock will keep you protected for long so it is worth investing money in it.

Change door locks and opt for “heavy locks”

If you really need a resistant lock, you should choose a heavy one. Yes, a lock that weighs more means it contains more metal. And if you want the burglar to become tired of striking the lock, you should choose a metal-based lock. Cheap locks have plastic inside and this makes them light. This also makes them more prone to breaking. And exactly this is what a burglar is searching for.

If you have the chance to choose a lock, the metal inside of it should be heavy. Otherwise it is not a a high quality lock. Of course you shouldn’t simply choose a lock based on its weight, but it can be an important criterion. Ask a locksmith near you to help you.

Call trusty door lock replacement service

If you need to replace locks and are not sure how to do it, contact a reliable locksmith that is part of a locksmith company. Good lock replacement service will give you all the details you need to help you buy the most suitable lock, not the most expensive. For example, city locksmiths in Earls Court SW5 only work with trusty providers and door lock manufacturers so you can make sure you get the best locks for office and home doors.

You can always call a professional locksmith and ask him to provide you with a free quote. As a customer, you have the right to receive information. City locksmiths will help you decide if you need single cylinder locks or deadbolt locks for all of your doors.

Have old door lock repair and improvement

Locked out of house or you simply need to repair your locks? If you have an old lock you can perform old door lock repair. But given this chance, it is better to improve the lock. For example, you can always have a drill protection lock. Many burglars drill around the lock and gain access to the house fast. If you buy a lock with drill protection, the burglar will eventually get tired of trying to unlock the door.

The drill protection locks have hard steel ball bearings around the set screws and shear line. The last two elements are the most vulnerable to drilling. The ant-drill plates will rotate and protect the lock, even if the burglar attempts to break the lock.

Have a spare key

Always have a spare key if you want to make sure you get access to the house. If you find this hard to do, give it to a member of the family. The main thing is to be able to regain access to your own house, not to make it even more difficult to get inside the house.

Many people lose keys, this is why it is important to install locks that allow you to get inside or unlock them. You can even consider having an electronic lock installed. Consult a locksmith in East Finchley N2 and ask his opinion too.