The worst and best types of locks for house requirements

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Deadbolt locks, door knobs, padlock and many more. A lot of lock types are to be found nowadays. From high security locks to interior locks, the market is full of varieties. But how do you know which lock is suitable for your front doors? And is it true that you should use deadbolts for all purposes? How about mortise locks and their wide application as exterior door locks?

Such questions are normal, especially if you are interested in the security of your house. If you want to find what lock is suitable for your front doors or for your interior doors, read the short guideline on what are the worst and best types of locks for house requirements.

Use deadbolts as high security locks

It is already commonly known that you should choose locks for your front doors and even for highly exposed windows. This means that if your room windows are close to portion that can be used to be climbed on, your house is at risk of break in.

In general, expert locksmiths in Blackfriars EC4 recommend installing Grade 1 locks for front doors. Grade 1 locks have the highest degree of security, making them the best locks to prevent break-ins. Grade 1 locks have been tested and show excellent endurance to strikes and bumps. So if plan to replace your front door locks or have recently moved in, choose double cylinder deadbolt locks to ensure the safety of your house.

Installing a deadbolt to your interior doors such as bathroom doors or living room doors is not a good financial investment. There is no need to buy locks for interior doors as long as you use them for exterior doors.

Install locks for commercial building using mortise locks

Another type of lock that has gained popularity is the mortise lock. Although used as residential locks, mortise locks are widely used as commercial locks. They also ensure the security of the building.

It is essential to choose a high security mortise lock for the commercial building. Check the commercial locksmiths near you. If you are in doubt and aren’t sure what type of mortise lock to choose, you can always ask a professional locksmith and ask him to help you. City Locksmiths in Clapham SW4 are available to help you choose a lock and invest your money cost-efficiently. There is no need to throw money when you can buy exactly what you need.

Choose door knobs for interior doors

Door knobs are an extremely popular option among many home owners. If you are planning to replace your interior locks, you can choose door knobs. They have the advantage of being easily installed and coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can always customize a door knob to match the Victorian look of the living room or the fresh, modern office environment.

As versatile as they may be, door knobs are one of the worst options or exterior doors. They have a low security degree and can be broken with a plain hammer. This means that you should never install a door knob to your front door.

Burglars can also gain access without leaving a mark if you have a door knob as an exterior lock. Using the by-pass method, a burglar can unlock the door without a trace. So you should never use a door knob as an exterior lock if you want to maintain the security of your house or office.

Use an euro cylinder lock as patio door lock

An euro cylinder lock is also widely used among home owners. It is advisable to use it as patio door lock. A residential locksmith in West Ealing W13 can install the euro cylinder lock fast. However popular they are, you should take into account their flaws. They are prone to by-passing and snapping, which makes them a low secure option for house doors. If a burglar will put a lot of pressure on the euro cylinder lock it will break.

In such cases, should you avoid buying these types of locks? No, there is no need to do that. Chances are that you have at least one type of euro cylinder lock already installed. Instead of changing locks, you can focus on at least two solutions. You can install a security bar to increase the security properties of your euro cylinder lock. Or you can buy a new anti-snap lock if you want to make sure you are protected.

Install padlocks to garage doors

Padlocks are one of the oldest types of locks. They can still be successfully used in large buildings, usually in agricultural places. But you can also use them for garage doors. They can supplement the security properties of your first lock. You should never count on padlocks as the only source of home or garage security. But they can slow down a burglar. Either way, ask for the help of the nearest locksmith.