Summer break-ins – tips on how to prevent them

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Locksmith services during summer time are sometimes more important than during the entire year. This may seem surprising but summer raises burglar’s attention. Holiday time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your front door locks.

Fortunately, you can follow some simple tips in order to avoid having your house broken into. Going on holiday should not be stressful at all. By simply following some rules, you can make sure your house is completely protected. Below you can find useful tips on how to prevent summer break-ins so you can enjoy your holiday.

Security door locks are to be targeted

Professional certified locksmiths in Catford SE6 or a locksmith in South East London will help you diagnose any lock-related issue that might not be visible with the naked eye. Before going to a holiday, call a skilled locksmith and ask him to assess the functionality of your locks. You don’t have to have all your locks evaluated in this moment.

Ask the locksmith to assess the front door locks, as these are the first lines of defense when it comes to house security. Maybe the lock appears to be functional but it can open with ease. A locksmith will detect any flaw and will immediately repair or replace the lock, if necessary.

Another advantage of hiring a good locksmith is that you will have the locks properly installed without damaging your door frame or any component of the lock itself. Look for a trusty locksmith company and have your front door locks checked and improved. Certified locksmiths will makes sure to provide you the best front door locks on the market so that you make a fortunate financial investment.

Check the locksmith deadbolt installation cost

When installing locks to your house, it is normal to look at the price. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on locks. However, when choosing suitable locks, it is better to invest more. You can always check the locksmith deadbolt installation cost before calling a locksmith in Tower Hill EC3. Professional locksmith have transparent prices and can also bring locks with them to have them installed on-site. As a general rule, lock installation price should not be too low, but not too high either.

Proper locks need special installation requirements and locksmiths are ready to help you. Only choose a commercial locksmith to have your deadbolt locks installed.

Call a high security locksmith to install deadbolt locks

A good locksmith can help you install the best types of locks for your house. Deadbolt locks are usually a preferred option when it comes to both home and office security. Burglars have a hard time gaining access into the house when having to deal with complex locks.

Deadbolts prevent the burglar from opening the door by inserting a knife or any other type of object that might unlock the door. Because deadbolts can only be open with a key or knob, they are much more resistant than regular locks.
Deadbolt locks come In various types, such as single cylinder deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts and keypad locks too. Ask the local locksmith to help you choose the best type of locks.

Take care of the perimeter of your house too

When it comes to protecting yourself from the unfortunate consequences of a house break-in, there is always a good idea to make sure that even the surroundings of your house . If necessary have a video camera installed too. Another way to increase the security of your house is to target the most vulnerable areas. Windows are usually closed, but not necessarily locked. Make sure you install security bars to your windows as most of the locksmiths gain access via the window. UPVC locksmiths can give you a helping hand too.

Moreover, it is useful to have a trusty neighbor and give him a spare key. When leaving home, you should check if there are any signs of serious vulnerability when turning the key inside the door. The key should not be hard to turn. Also, the key should also be easy to be turned inside the lock, without moving too much. Key snapped in lock? No worries. Call a locksmith right now.


When it comes to the security of your house, you should always make sure to invest in suitable locks. Call a trusty locksmith in Kennington SE11 and have your main entrance locks checked. Your lock can show signs of vulnerability that can turn into real problems. If you want to spend your holiday peacefully, don’t hesitate to contact a locksmith to evaluate the situation. High quality locksmiths are available round the clock so don’t hesitate to call them anytime to have your locks checked. Indeed, 24 hr. locksmiths can give you a helping hand anytime.