Secure office locks – What else to do to protect your commercial property

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Installing door locks is essential if you want to protect your commercial property. Of course, who doesn’t know that high security office locks are of utmost importance? We all know that installing high security locks and master key systems are two of the most important things to improve the security of your office.

But what about other measures you can take? It well known that most of the break-ins happen in autumn and winter months and that 30% of them take place due to an unlocked window or door. Taking this things into account, are there any things you can do to prevent burglars to enter your office? Below you will find a few simple measures that will help you protect your commercial property.

Make sure you have a secure perimeter

Need a home locksmith? Find one in your area. The first line of defense is the main area around the business building. Although it may not seem that important, the space around the office building can either invite or discourage burglars from taking action. Many areas are completely unsecured. Even more are insufficiently lit.

People believe that such factors are not important and only invest in buying high security locks. Knowing that up to 60% of the burglaries take place at night, protecting your commercial security by installing security lightning is a viable solutions. You can choose passive infrared security lightning. This type of security lightning system is only activated when someone is in the field of vision. Don’t neglect exterior security factors that can impact the protection of your commercial property.

Keep an eye on employees who can decrease office security

The main characteristic of an office building is that is always open to many people. Whether you talk about customers and other people, this makes the area exposed to potential break-ins. Although you may not realize, employees indirectly pose a threat to office security.

By neglecting various rules to maintain security, they do increase the chances of a lockout. Maybe they leave the window open in the night time or they forget to lock office doors. Maybe some employees don’t know how to use smart locks and leave the office doors unlocked.

Pay attention to such categories of employees. If needed, arrange to have a discussion with them to help them understand the risk they are posing to the building. Make sure you list them all the reasons necessary to improve and maintain the security of the office. Although it can be a redundant task, not reminding them to do certain thing, puts everybody at risk.

Office locksmith near me? Find the closest one

In order to enjoy secure office installation services, you should call an office locksmith. If you are wondering “Is there an office locksmith near me in Waterloo SE1?”, the answer is simple. Of course local locksmiths are available 24/7 in almost any area.

In order not to avoid having your office locks checked, you can always contact a locksmith close to you. We all know we tend to avoid difficult tasks. Maybe you too avoid calling a locksmith to check office locks because you assume you will have to schedule, wait for the locksmith in Enfield to arrive and then wait for him to change locks.

If you call a locksmith near you, he will also offer professional advice on what type of lock to choose. You may be surprised to find a lot of useful tips and tricks that will help you secure your office door locks.

Let a trusty locksmith verify locks

When it comes to door locks, it is better to go on the “better safe the sorry” strategy. Don’t risk deteriorating the office locks by trying to change them with your bare hands. If you want to install locks safely, call a locksmith to verify locks. There is no need to change locks or install locks all alone. Maybe your locks don’t even need to be replaced.

By calling a locksmith, you can benefit from a free quote and find out what are the best locks for your office doors. Maybe you need a locked cabinet to store important documents. Or, it may be better to install master key systems to some areas of the business building. You can find what is better for you, by contacting a commercial locksmith that can also offer a free quote.

Only use British Standard locks for commercial buildings

With all the marketing strategies out there, you may be tempted to buy the latest lock. However, expert locksmiths in Kilburn NW6 recommend to buy and install office locks that come from trusty providers. One example is that of British Standard locks which have been tested under special conditions that resemble real life risk factors for locks. Ask your city locksmith to help you choose a British Standard lock that is suitable for your office door locks.