Left outside the house? Tips on how to prevent a nightmare

Key snapped in lock can be a real nightmare. Maybe you are in a hurry and need to arrive to the office faster than usually. Maybe you must arrive to the doctor and find yourself holding half of the key. A lockout never comes alone. You have to pay to fix door locks or repair locks.

In a fast moving society, getting locked out of house can be very common. Nobody seems to be having time to regularly check front doors. Not to mention that some front door locks show no sign of wear and tear so you simply end up struggling to open the door, without any warning.

However, there are some tips on how to prevent such problems. You can maximize the chances of opening the door without struggling if you follow the locksmith’s advice. Here are some useful tips on how to prevent a home lockout, as advised by a residential locksmith.

Lubricate front door locks from time to time

Any type of lock has a typical lifespan and some requirements when it comes to prolonging its functionality and even lifespan. One of the most useful recommendation to prevent a home lockout is to lubricate front door locks from time to time.
The main advantage of such practice is that it allows you to turn the keys with more ease. Even keys deteriorate due to being kept in pockets or simply by being scratched unintentionally. If the key presents scratches, it too can deteriorate the lock. Receive proper recommendations from a locksmith near you.

By using special lubricants, you can prevent the lock from being scratched on the inside. Many specialized shops have door lock lubricants that contain anti-freeze substances. This way you can protect your lock from environmental factors. The cold can contract the lock and the heat can expand it, thus contributing to its lifespan shortening.

Duplicate keys and keep one with you

This is the most intuitive prevention method, yet only a few people use it. Having a spare key can help you unlock doors immediately, but there seems to be a forgotten solution. When firstly installing the lock, ask the local locksmiths to duplicate keys to have them in case of lockout situations.

If you haven’t done this, you can have duplicate key and let it at a trusty person. If you don’t want to carry the spare key with you, you can lend it to your friend, spouse, or anyone usually available and trustworthy. However, this will not prevent you from still remaining locked out of house if the person is out of town. A more feasible solution is to keep the key in your car or even at office so you can use it when in need. Commercial locksmiths can also help you if you are at your office building.

Be careful not to duplicate the duplicate key. The resulting key is not very precise and can contribute to the deterioration of your locks. Only have the original key duplicated if you want to make sure the lock will properly work.

Replace your locks as suggested by a residential locksmith

If you need to change locks, it is better to do so and wait no more. Constantly repairing the lock is not a long-term solution. If you have doubts on whether you should change your locks, call a  locksmith in Camden Town NW1  to help you choose the best locks for your door.
If you schedule this action, you won’t have to pay an emergency locksmith. You can simply contact a locksmith company in your area. Find locksmiths South West London or North London, you can always find an cheap locksmith.

An experienced locksmith can help you remove old locks and install the most suitable ones. All you have to do is tell him about the symptoms of your lock and what your wishes are. When it comes to door lock security, a locksmith can help you make an informed investment.

Check the surrounding of your house before calling a key smith

Although this may sound foolish, make sure to always check the surrounding of your house before calling a locksmith to unlock doors. Maybe you have left your window open and you can gain access to the house using it. Of course it is advisable to still fix the door locks, but at least you can get back inside the house faster.

Though this shouldn’t be a pleasant surprise, by inspecting the surroundings of your house you can find out if other door locks are also vulnerable. You never know when the window lock becomes very accessible for potential burglars until you try to unlock it.

Many people discover their back locks are vulnerable and are amazed by this. Moreover, you can put yourself in the burglar’s shoes and find the most vulnerable entry points to your house. So make sure to check all the doors and window locks until you call the locksmiths in Earls Court SW5.