How to deal a car lockout in Waterloo SE1

How to deal a car lockout in Waterloo

Located in Central London, Waterloo is a very popular district preferred by tourists for its museums, theatres, restaurants, clubs and pubs. Here you can find many attractions such as the London Eye which brings millions of tourists every year. Beside the beautiful part of visiting Waterloo, there is a problem that many tourists and London citizens face very often, a car lockout.

Dealing with a car lockout may cause panic, but the good part is that you can easily call a locksmith Waterloo and ask for help. This kind of problem happens every day to a lot of people and a professional auto locksmith will help you solve the situation within minutes, without causing any damage to your car. But before asking for a professional help, you need to see if you can solve the problem by yourself. Here is what you need do to when you find yourself in a delicate situation, such as a car lockout.

See if you can unlock the door yourself

Many people facing a car lockout realise that the situation can be easily solved by themselves. Therefore, you first need to check your purse and pockets and see if you can find your key in there. If not, make sure that all the car’s doors are closed.

Also, you need to check the trunk, because if your trunk is opened, you may be able to get in the car through it. So don’t panic and double check each door and the trunk before going to the next step. If the door window is open, see if you can unlock the door using a tool, such as a coat hanger ( if you have one ). But pay attention not to damage the door because a damaged door may cost you a lot of money to repair, and this is something that you need to avoid.

Check for your spare key

Another thing to do is to say calm and think if you have a spare key hidden somewhere under the car or anywhere else where you can find it. Maybe you have a close friend or a relative to who you can leave your spare key in case you face a car lockout. If not, you can also call your car dealer and get a temporary key, but for this you need to know the vehicle identification number.

Seek for professional help

If none of the methods above work, you need to seek for professional help. More specifically, you need to call a professional locksmith. Calling an auto locksmith is the best option because he will easily unlock your car with the right tools, without causing any damage.

A 24 hour emergency locksmith will have you back on the road whithin minutes. He can fix any problem regarding a car lockout such as removing a broken key from your car lock, replacing a lost key, popping the lock if you forgot your key inside the car, replacing the key fob if necessary, duplicating your key, repairing your key fob or even replacing your chipped key.

A vehicle lockout can be very frustating especially when you are in a hurry. So whenever you face a situation like this, call a professional locksmiths and let him solve the problem in a safe manner, without taking any risks.

How you can prevent a car lockout

Situations like this can be prevented with a little attention. For instance, as we mentioned before, you can keep a spare key in a well hidden spot on your car or you can leave one to a close friend or a relative who can help you when a situation like this oocurs.

Also, if you can afford, you can choose a car with some features such as a car that prevent you from locking the door if your key is still inside the ignition. Not least, have a 24 hours locksmith’s London number on speed dial. You never know when a situation like this may occur, so having a locksmith’s number on speed dial may save you some time and money whenever you need the most.