How to avoid lockouts – 5 simple tips

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Getting locked out of house is a real nightmare. Imagine having to wait for hours and hours just to regain access to the house. Fortunately, locksmiths near you arrive in 30 minutes or less so you don’t have to wait for too long. But this won’t solve the problem in the long therm. Apart from the usual recommendations, there are at least five simple tips on how to decrease the chances of being left outside your house.

Have more than one spare key

Everybody knows he or she should always have a key in case the main one gets deteriorated or lost. But imagine losing the spare key too. This is not unusual, especially because keys are made to be used in case of lockouts, not daily. This means people might not pay too much attention to them and throw them in the pocket just to discover they don’t find them. So what is the best approach? Have multiple keys? How many keys should you have?

Locksmiths in Penge SE20 recommend having two keys. But don’t place them in the same place, because there is no point of having two of them if do so. Instead, handle the second key to a close relative or friend. This way, you will make sure you can get back inside the house without having to wait for a locksmith to arrive and unlock the door.

Decide where to keep a key copy

Another aspect that could facilitate you being able to get inside the house fast is where you place the key. Many people tend to keep it in the purse or the pocket, because these are items that are carried all the time with someone. However, you can lose the key easily, especially if that is a highly accessible place. Also, never place the key in very intuitive place: under the door mat, near the lock itself, or near the windows. Burglars take advantage of such places and expect to find a key there.

A more stable place is at the office or, again, at a trusty friend. You can call the commercial locksmiths too. Make sure to not leave your key copy anywhere in your bag. And if you want to make sure you keep it with you, at least put it in less accessible pocket.

Contact the trusty locksmiths in your area

In order to prevent a future lockout, you should have your locks checked once in a while. This habit will help you prevent break-ins too as it reveals the main vulnerable points of the locks. You don’t have to wait for too long for a mobile locksmith in Enfield  to arrive in your area. All you have to do is call the local locksmith team and schedule an appointment with the locksmiths in order to have your locks properly assessed. If needed, you can change locks at affordable prices.

Find what is the cost of key to house door

You don’t have to wait until your locks get broken, you can have a duplicate key anytime. Make sure you do some research before duplicating your key. You should have two or three keys, preferably made when you have your lock installed. Prices vary for key duplication, with the most sophisticated locking systems needing more sophisticated keys too.

Should you try to open door without key?

A lot of tutorials on the Internet teach you how to pick locks and use common objects to open house door without key. While there are advantages too, there are also disadvantages. Sophisticated or old locks can be deteriorated and you end up replacing the entire lock, even if it’s not broken. Remember that you need to take into consideration the type of lock you have when it comes to solving such a situation. In this case, you should call a locksmith in your area. Emergency locksmiths in Blackfriars EC4 use special picking sets to extract keys without deteriorating them.

What to do if you are left out of your house?

If the unfortunate event happens, the best thing to do is to try to stay as calm as possible. This may seem impossible, but remember you won’t solve any problem faster if you remain angry or anxious. Another thing you should do is to contact a locksmith. While waiting for him to arrive, don’t leave the house unsupervised. Many people are tempted to think that being left outside the house will also prevent burglars form getting inside the house.

With all the fuss made when being left out of house, chances are that burglars notice that too and take advantage of the situation. Simply not leaving the house and trying to act as normal as possible should help you get over this stressful moment faster.