How much does it cost for a car locksmith

how much does it cost for an auto locksmith

Problems like car lockout, losing your car key, breaking the key inside the lock and so on, happen every day to many car owners. These kind of problems require the help of an expert, of a qualified auto locksmith.

Good Locksmiths are specialists able to extract broken key, unlock cars, duplicate keys, cut and program keys, replace car keys because they have the right tools and skills to perform these services without causing any damage to your vehicle.

When it comes to the price you need to pay to a local locksmith, the cost varies depending on the type of service you need, the type of car, key and lock you have, the travel distance the specialist needs to make, the hour you call and not only.

Factors that influence auto services prices

The price of auto services that locksmiths offer are influenced by different factors. So, when you want to know what price to expect to pay, you need to consider several things. One of the factor is the travel distance that the specialist need to make in order to get to you.

Usually, the fee for service calls is standard, but this might change if the technician has to travel farther that normal. Normally, when you have a problem, you search a locksmith near you, but a lockout for instance can happen somewhere without a locksmith nearby.

Another factor that influences the price is the hour of your call. If you call in the middle of the night, the price will be a little bit higher than if you call during the day. The complexity of the service also influences the costs. Some services are easier and faster to perform, others require more time and are more difficult.

However, after communicating the problem, the specialist will be able to estimate the final cost, so you’ll know how much to expect.

If the emergency locksmith has to replace some broken parts you will have to pay extra. If you don’t want to pay extra, you can buy the broken pieces yourself from a local shop. The amount of time needed to complete the job is another factor that influences the price. Last but not least, the type of car, key and lock play a role regarding the final cost.

Car key costs in Greater London

As we mentioned before, costs vary depending on many factors such as the complexity of the service. For instance, if you face a car lockout, the basic cost for unlocking the car starts from 35 £ and it goes up from here. The nature of the lockout is important when establishing the price. It matters whether the key broke inside the lock, is locked inside the car or you lost it.

Replacing your car key will have you pay a price starting from 25 £ but it can easily cost even 120 £. It all depends on your vehicle and car key model, year of fabrication, whether is a transponder key or not and so on. Car key cutting prices are similar with car key replacement costs.

It depends whether you have an original key or not at you. Key duplicating can cost somewhere around 90 £ but it can go higher. It depends on the type of the key you want to duplicate.

If your key broke inside the lock, you’ll have to pay a price starting from 60 £ for car key extraction. The price can go up, depending on the complexity of the extraction. Replacing your key fob costs around 90 £ up to 120 £.

Transponder key programming costs from 30 £ to 75 £, for the programming only. But this service requires a key replacement or a key duplicating, so the cost can go up to 120 £.

Auto locksmiths offer a complexity of services at a high quality level. Find a specialist near you and give him a call whenever you need his help.