Home lock problems and how to solve them

home locks problems fix door lock

When it comes to lock installation or even lock improvement, it is essential to solve any lock-related problems. Many people tend to neglect minor problems. However, keys that get stuck from time to time can be a sign of lock vulnerability.

Sometimes, you may notice that your locks are not broken, but their functions are slowed down. Or, you might simply be annoyed by the fact that every time you want to enter the house, you have to spend minutes to be able to get inside the house fast.
The best thing to do when dealing with home lock problems is to call a specialist. Find a locksmith in Watford.  But until you do so, there are also other useful measures you can take to increase the chances of solving the lock issues.

Lubricate your main door locks from time to time

If you notice your locks are slow, try cleaning and lubricating the locks afterwards. First of all, never use oil to lubricate de the lock until you clean it. This can clog the lock and it will make it harder either for you to clean the lock or could even lead to your key getting stuck in the door.

Use special silicone sprays to lubricate and clean the lock. Professional technicians recommend using special lubricating sprays. One major mistake people do is that they use only oil for their main door locks, forgetting that they have to clean it first.
You can find special lock brush to clean the locks, along with silicone spray. Make a habit of cleaning your locks once or twice a year to ensure proper key turning and maintain the health of your locks. Newer type of products don’t contain as much oil as the old ones used to so that the lock doesn’t remain clogged.

Slow door locks need cleaning or lock fixing

As you can imagine, slow door locks can also be a sign of dirt invading the lock. A slow door lock is detectable when you notice you turn the key with difficulty, even if this doesn’t happen all the time.

If your lock remains slow after the cleaning process, it may need lock replacement. Call a certified locksmith to change front door locks. Don’t rush to buy door locks in the first time. Call a locksmith in Bromley, ask him to offer you a free quote and he will tell you whether or not you need lock replacement.

Expert locksmiths also offer lock supply so you don’t have to buy locks all by yourself. Don’t hesitate and call a skilled locksmith in Central London.

Contact an expert locksmith to check locks annually

Just like you need to clean the locks from time to time, you also need to Have your locks checked at least annually. Make sure you call a certified locksmith to manage door locks if needed. You can always find the best locksmiths in our area so don’t hesitate to call them.

Using professional tools, locksmiths will have your front door locks checked so you can detect issues fast. Slow locks are more prone to break-ins and problems like these can go undetected for longer periods of time, endangering the security of your house.
Burglars can easily spot vulnerability signs that you don’t even bother. In order to have the security of your house increased or maintained, call a security locksmith in your area.

Remove broken key with special tools

Key stuck inside door is a major issue when it comes to home lock problems. Trying to remove broken key with your bare hands can be more than frustrating. Moreover, you can make matters worse. Inserting additional objects inside the lock can contribute to actually pushing the key fragments inside the lock.

You can try to use thin magnets that attract the small key pieces but this attempt may also result in unsuccessful outcomes. The best solution is to call a trusty locksmith or find special picking tools. Professional locksmiths are able to extract every piece of key without damaging the interior of your lock. Find a certified locksmith in Waterloo.

If you use picking tools, make sure you search for tutorials that teach you how to use the tools to avoid producing more damage.


In the end, facing home lock problems is quite common for anyone. There is no need to become worried. Even if you have your key stuck or your lock is slowed down, all you have to do is call a locksmith close to your area you to solve any problem. Home lockouts can be avoided. If locked out of house, call a locksmith. If you decide to follow the “do it yourself approach”, make sure you use professional tools and materials.

Locksmith services will always be available in your area. All you have to do is call a certified locksmith near your location and ask anything you need to know.