Door lock issues and how to detect them

door lock issue how to fix door locks

When it comes to door lock issues, nobody wants to get locked out of house or to spend half an hour struggling to lock the house. Old locks and even new locks, if are not installed properly can be very problematic.

For example, you may not even notice if the lock is functional in cases in which the entire cylinder turns inside the lock. Or, a slowly functional locks can be a major risk factor for a future lockout. Worried about where to find a skilled key smith? Call a locksmith in Totteridge N20 or a locksmith in North London.

Many door lock issues go undetected for a long time simply because there are no visible signs of lock damage. Here are some of the most frequent door lock issues and how to detect them.

Loose internal door locks

One of the most common problems that goes undetected refers to loose internal door locks. This problem is more frequent with old locks than with new locks. As time passes, locks also wear and tear and they can become loose.
New locks that have been improperly installed are also prone to such problems because the internal parts that should join together are not properly placed.

You can try to tighten the screws inside the door lock in order to connect the parts of your door lock that need to closer one to each other. However, this will not solve the problem if the internal components are broken. In this case, all you have to do is to call locksmith services in London to  send a locksmith to diagnose the problem and solve it as fast as possible. UPVC locksmiths are available all the time so it is to your advantage to have highly functional internal door locks.

Slow functioning uPVC door locks

Another problem that goes undetected for a long time is the slow functioning of uPVC door locks. This is not a disturbing problem for many people, but it can lead to future problems. Slow locks mean that the internal components may be misaligned or damaged.

A useful piece of advice when it comes to this problem is to try to clean the lock. This may seem an unusual action, but lock can actually accumulate a lot of dirt. The main culprits are environmental factors. Locks expand and contract and can accumulate dust.

Some people use oil to lubricate locks when they notice the locks are functioning slowly. This is not a harmful practice itself. Rather, it becomes harmful when is applied at an improper moment.
If you really want to lubricate your locks, simply keep in mind that this won’t solve the problem. It can make matter worse as it will clog the interior of the lock, making it even more slow.

One solution to this problem is to simply inverse the order of the previously mentioned actions. Clean the lock using special non-oil sprays. For example, silicone spray is a good choice when it comes to lock cleaning. After cleaning the lock, you can add the lubricant. It is advisable to clean your locks, especially the front door ones, at least once a year

Broken key in lock

This common problem really gives headaches to many home owners because it leads to a home lockout. And who would want to spend the entire day in front of the house, waiting for the door to be unlocked. Fortunately, 24 hr locksmiths locksmiths arrive in less than 30 minutes anywhere.

And, in the meantime, you can try to extract the key all by yourself. Without pushing and pulling the door handle, try to insert a bobby pin or a small, sharp, and thin object inside the lock. If you are lucky, you can extract the shattered pieces of your key one by one.

However, if the pieces of your key are too small, it may be useful to choose a tool with magnets so that it attracts the small pieces. If you notice your attempts are still unsuccessful, stop insisting. After all, you don’t want to damage the interior of your lock too. In this case, it is advisable to call a locksmith and let him take care of this problem.

Remember not to force the key when locking the door. Even if you are in a hurry, gently pull the key out of the lock and try to lock the door again. Call a locksmith anywhere in London, you can find a locksmith in Croydon.

Conclusion – target entry door locks in the first place

All locks are important, but entry door locks are essential to the security of your house. Have them checked by a professional locksmith in your area. Even if your lock’s signs are mildly detectable such as the lock being slow or loose, these can lead to serious problems in the future.

Call a locksmith and ask him to evaluate your situation. If needed, changing locks on new house is possible anytime. And remember that prevention is better than cure. You’ll always find a locksmith in Clapton E5.