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Door lock issues and how to detect them

When it comes to door lock issues, nobody wants to get locked out of house or to spend half an hour struggling to lock the house. Old locks and even new locks, if are not installed properly can be very problematic.

For example, you may not even notice if the lock is functional in cases in which the entire cylinder turns inside the lock. Or, a slowly functional locks can be a major risk factor for a future lockout. Worried about where to find a skilled key smith? Call a locksmith in Totteridge N20 or a locksmith in North London.

Many door lock issues go undetected for a long time simply because there are no visible signs of lock damage. Here are some of the most frequent door lock issues and how to detect them.

Loose internal door locks

One of the most common problems that goes undetected refers to loose internal door locks. This problem is more frequent with old locks than with new locks. As time passes, locks also wear and tear and they can become loose.
New locks that have been improperly installed are also prone to such problems because the internal parts that should join together are not properly placed.

You can try to tighten the screws inside the door lock in order to connect the parts of your door lock that need to closer one to each other. However, this will not solve the problem if the internal components are broken. In this case, all you have to do is to call locksmith services in London to  send a locksmith to diagnose the problem and solve it as fast as possible. UPVC locksmiths are available all the time so it is to your advantage to have highly functional internal door locks.

Slow functioning uPVC door locks

Another problem that goes undetected for a long time is the slow functioning of uPVC door locks. This is not a disturbing problem for many people, but it can lead to future problems. Slow locks mean that the internal components may be misaligned or damaged.

A useful piece of advice when it comes to this problem is to try to clean the lock. This may seem an unusual action, but lock can actually accumulate a lot of dirt. The main culprits are environmental factors. Locks expand and contract and can accumulate dust.

Some people use oil to lubricate locks when they notice the locks are functioning slowly. This is not a harmful practice itself. Rather, it becomes harmful when is applied at an improper moment.
If you really want to lubricate your locks, simply keep in mind that this won’t solve the problem. It can make matter worse as it will clog the interior of the lock, making it even more slow.

One solution to this problem is to simply inverse the order of the previously mentioned actions. Clean the lock using special non-oil sprays. For example, silicone spray is a good choice when it comes to lock cleaning. After cleaning the lock, you can add the lubricant. It is advisable to clean your locks, especially the front door ones, at least once a year

Broken key in lock

This common problem really gives headaches to many home owners because it leads to a home lockout. And who would want to spend the entire day in front of the house, waiting for the door to be unlocked. Fortunately, 24 hr locksmiths locksmiths arrive in less than 30 minutes anywhere.

And, in the meantime, you can try to extract the key all by yourself. Without pushing and pulling the door handle, try to insert a bobby pin or a small, sharp, and thin object inside the lock. If you are lucky, you can extract the shattered pieces of your key one by one.

However, if the pieces of your key are too small, it may be useful to choose a tool with magnets so that it attracts the small pieces. If you notice your attempts are still unsuccessful, stop insisting. After all, you don’t want to damage the interior of your lock too. In this case, it is advisable to call a locksmith and let him take care of this problem.

Remember not to force the key when locking the door. Even if you are in a hurry, gently pull the key out of the lock and try to lock the door again. Call a locksmith anywhere in London, you can find a locksmith in Croydon.

Conclusion – target entry door locks in the first place

All locks are important, but entry door locks are essential to the security of your house. Have them checked by a professional locksmith in your area. Even if your lock’s signs are mildly detectable such as the lock being slow or loose, these can lead to serious problems in the future.

Call a locksmith and ask him to evaluate your situation. If needed, changing locks on new house is possible anytime. And remember that prevention is better than cure. You’ll always find a locksmith in Clapton E5.

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More security for your house – be safe in your own house

Home security maintenance is a challenge nowadays. In our digital era, burglars are becoming more and more specialized and unlocking doors is becoming more and more easy. In this case, one has to take measures to increase the security of the house.

Everybody knows that buying locks is the main investment when it comes to house security. But there are other approaches too. A grade A lock is the main thing that will protect you from break-ins. But there are also other simple steps you can follow in order to be safe in your own house. Locked out of house? Call us anytime.

Expert locksmiths – always count on them

Installing locks and repairing locks is not an easy job, irrespective of how easy such tasks appear to be. Make sure you only choose expert locksmiths when it comes to installing good locks. Professional locksmiths in Leyton E10 use special tools to remove locks and install new locks. The locksmith box contains special tools that allow successful installation for any type of locks.

Another advantage of calling the expert locksmiths is that they will also provide professional advice and will answer your questions. You can get a free quote and the chance to learn how to maintain or increase the security of your house. Find the closest locksmiths in New Cross SE14 and you won’t have to wait for more than 30 minutes or less for the locksmith to arrive.

Home locks – make an informed decision

When it comes to selecting the best locksmith, there is no universal rule. Also, not all locks need to be grade A locks. Your front door locks have to be highly secure because they are the first line of defense. It is advisable to install the best locks to your front door, while there is no need to have grade A locks installed to all of the doors.

You can opt for security accessories such as window bars and mortise locks for back door, while taking into consideration padlocks for the yard or the garage doors. Also, keypad locks can be a good decision for larger properties, preventing the lock form being picked as they have no key to operate the locking system. With so many lock options on the market, it is understandable to be in doubt. Call a residential locksmith and ask him to help decide on which lock is more suitable.

Take care of the main door locks

Any home owner’s first target should be the main door locks. If your budget is limited, use the money to buy the front door locks in the first time. Grade A locks are highly recommended for your front doors. For example, grade A locks or double cylinder deadbolt locks are usually installed to front doors. Such locks have anti-picking and anti-bumping characteristics and will discourage the burglars from persisting in trying to unlock the door.

Focus on exterior door locks

Nothing is more important than the security of your house. Focusing on exterior door locks should definitely help you keep burglars away or, at least discourage them. Exterior door locks are the previously mentioned front door locks and even the gate locks if you have yard.

You can even install modern versions of keyless locks that notify you when they are being attacked. Depending on your budget or objective, you can spend more money on exterior door locks and invest less in the interior locks. Using security accessories, you can increase the security of your house while keeping money to buy better locks for the main entrance.

Find a locksmith to install door locks

High security locks are complex locks. Installing them can become problematic when you don’t adjust them well. Even the early stage of choosing the lock can be a real challenge. Rather than risking to deteriorate an expensive security lock, find a locksmith  to install door locks. Good locksmiths in Woolwich SE18 are usually available all the time near you to replace locks. Be careful to select a certified locksmith to fix door locks.

Opt for safety door locks

Safety locks are locks that pass standardized tests that include the hammer test and simulations of picking the lock or striking the lock. Almost any type of lock knows the high security, that is grade A, version. Mortise locks, double cylinder locks and door knobs can be suitable for your house, provided that you choose the grade A version. Locksmith prices are affordable for you.


Asking a home locksmith to help you pick the best locks is the best way to make sure you choose the best type of lock for your house. Don’t hesitate to contact a local locksmith to guide you through this process, from lock selection to door lock installation.

Burglary breakin avoid

Simple tips on how to avoid break-ins

Break-ins are more than annoying happenings. They make anyone postpone important meetings and even ruin their entire day. There are times when break-ins are unavoidable. You can’t always predict when your lock will break. Fortunately, expert locksmiths can help you detect some signs of lock vulnerability that announce a future lockout.

More importantly, you can learn how to avoid getting locked out of house by simply following easy tips that will assure both the safety and security of your house and the life of your locks. Here are some tips on how to avoid break-ins.

Ask for a locksmith to give you a helping hand

When installing the lock in the first time, always contact professional locksmiths in Holborn Wc1x. Certified locksmiths have special tools that will allow the lock to be properly fitted so you can enjoy a maximum degree of security.

Moreover, having your lock installed by a professional locksmith will help you be able to detect possible issues that may take place in the future. Don’t hesitate to always ask a locksmith to evaluate your locks and help you understand and change your practices in order to maintain your lock’s functionality

Choose flexible hour locksmiths

When deciding to have locks changed, opt for flexible hour  locksmiths in Westminster SW1. Not only they are cheaper, but also will help you install security locks faster than ever. You might think that installing high security locks will increase the chances of you being locked out. But this is not true. It is better to benefit from door lock fitting services because this will reduce the chance of your lock being brutalized by a burglar. In many cases, vulnerable locks show no signs.

Perform deadbolt repair

Deadbolt locks are preferred because they assure a high degree of security. Office locks and house locks are all prone to break-ins and high security deadbolts offer protection. However, when detecting the lock doesn’t function properly, don’t hesitate to call a professional locksmith to perform deadbolt repair.

If you notice apparently normal signs, find a local locksmith and feel free to ask him a quote. Trusty locksmith companies offer free quotations so you don’t have to worry that you need to pay money for this too.

Buy new locks only when needed

When do you actually need to install new locks? Maybe you don’t need to install a new lock immediately after you have noticed it became slow. But at least call a locksmith in Chingford E4 to assess the health of all your locks once a year. This way, you will detect issues that may become target points for burglars.

New locks need to be installed when moving to another house despite of the fact that old locks still work properly. You never know who has the key of your house and might gain access to the house. Always make sure to change locks when moving in. This may be a spiced financial investment, but you will make sure nobody else has the key to your house.

Take advantage of the break-in repair

If the unfortunate events happen, make sure to at least take advantage of it. What this means is that you shouldn’t just replace the lock with another plain lock. Contact a residential locksmith or an emergency locksmith if needed and ask him to install high security locks. You can also choose security bars for windows and even keypad locks for office doors.

Investing in high security locks will result in better security for your house. Don’t hesitate to call a locksmith in your area and have grade A locks installed, especially to your front doors. Security accessories such as security bars and electronic locks are also useful as they discourage and frustrate the burglars. Modern electronic locks can also alert the police when tried to be broken.

Quick conclusions

In the end, there are a lot of practices on how to avoid break-ins. Probably the best thing to do is to always make sure you take care of locks when moving to a new house. Another good practice that will increase the security of your house is to have your locks checked at least once a year. Call a locksmith and have lock assessment for both house and office or commercial building in order to detect possible flaws that might endanger the security of your house. Commercial locksmiths are available all the time too.

Last, but not least, make sure to take advantage of the break-in repair process. Replace the broken lock with a better lock. Popular options include high security double cylinder deadbolts. Don’t hesitate to install high security bars when needed to enhance the security of your window locks. Remember that it is up to you to avoid a break-in in most of the cases.

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When should you have your door lock security enhanced?

Having your house secured is an important aspect if you want to diminish your worries. In order to increase the security of your house, all you have to do is install high security locks, isn’t it so? This is just one important step when it comes to home security. Installing the best locks is essential, but you also need to take care of other aspects too.

Is there a timing to have your door lock security enhanced? One might think it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to do it. However, you can follow some simple tips and tricks when it comes to lock changing and installing new locks to increase the security of your house.

Find a locksmith when you detect the smallest problem

If you are experiencing problems with your front door lock, you should immediately call a professional locksmith Golders Green. Everybody knows that. The main issue is that “problem” means something different for everyone. Certified locksmiths advise anyone to loosen this definition. A lock problem can mean everything. From slow functional locks to completely stuck locks, a lock issue will bring a lot of disadvantages in the long term.

The main recommendation is to call a residential locksmith even when you notice a small lock issue. For example, a lock in which the key gets stuck now and then is vulnerable to break-ins. So is a slow functioning lock. You shouldn’t stick to the basic signs of dysfunction. Take into account any minor sign. Call a locksmith and you can get a free quote.

Consider calling the chubb locksmiths

Chubb locksmiths in are still residential locksmiths. The main difference between them and standard locksmith is that the first ones can have special training in installing one of the most secure door lock brands – the chubb lock. Such locks are designed to protect your house from break in attempts. Don’t hesitate to contact a locksmith near you to have a high security lock installed to your front doors. Chubb locks can also be enhanced with metal bars and other security accessories designed to decrease the chances of you having your house broken into.

Key maker near me? Of course

Locksmiths in W3 are always available to change locks. The best thing to do is to schedule a meeting with a residential locksmith and ask him to provide you with a quote. If you are asking yourself “Is there a key maker near me?”, the answer is “Yes.”. But you need to establish whether the lock can be rekeyed or you need to completely replace the loc.

In case of home break-in, you need to replace the lock or enhance it. But if you have lost your key, you might need to simply rekey the lock. You don’t even have to pay too much when calling the nearest locksmith. Usually, certified locksmith companies have teams of locksmiths well spread across almost any area. Before rushing to ask for a spare key, consult a locksmith. It may be to your long term advantage to replace the lock and have a high security lock for your house now rather than risk having your house broken into.

Check if the home locksmith is certified

Again, although it may not seem so important, his detail is crucial to your long term security. Certified locksmiths have proper tools and the right knowledge to both install and advice you to buy the best locks.

As a customer, it is your right to check the home locksmith. You can also look at other signs that indicate the locksmith is or is not a professional. Certified locksmiths have a logo on their clothes, or, at least on their car. They also have mobile cars or vans in which the carry special tools. Professional locksmith can supply you with locks so that you don’t have to schedule another meeting to have your lock installed.

As you can see, certified locksmiths care about the customer.

Moreover, they follow constant coursers and trainings to remain updated to the latest lock trends. It is better to call a certified locksmith so you don’t risk the security of your house in the long term.


In the end, enhancing the security system of you your house doesn’t simply depend on a good lock. It is also related to your habits and choices. Lock assessment should be done twice a year to detect possible lock issues that can make the lock prone to break-ins. Also, calling a locksmith to have your locks checked even when there are no major signs of damage is a good strategy that will prevent you from spending additional amounts of money in the long term.

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Optimal lock installation – advice from professional locksmiths

Have you ever wondered what are the steps of any lock installation process? You don’t need to be interested in the technical steps, as a locksmith usually performs the lock installation, but you may be interested in practical aspects. For example, investing in high quality locks is a desired outcome for anyone. But how do you know which type of lock to choose? Spending money on good, but unsuitable locks is a bad investment.

Moreover, what other aspects should you consider when it comes to installing new locks? Is the price the most relevant aspect? Should you follow the “do it yourself approach”? Is it too risky? Find out what does optimal lock installation for you doors mean. Receive professional advice from locksmiths in Poplar.

Install high security door locks

When planning to change front door locks, the best approach is taking into account installing high security door locks. High security locks will ensure the safety of your house. Usually, they have a high metal content and anti-picking and anti-bumping properties. Although they are more expensive, high security door locks will protect you from burglars. Grade A high security locks are the best option when installing door locks.

One thing to consider is not to exaggerate with this choice. You don’t have to install security locks for all of your doors. Double cylinder deadbolts, one of the most popular form of security locks, are usually installed to front doors. As you can imagine, the front door is one of the most vulnerable point for burglars. Make sure you ask a local locksmith to help you decide which type of high security lock you need to install. You can always schedule a meeting with a local locksmith in Camberwell.

Prioritize front door lock

There is almost nothing more dangerous than an unsecure front door. Many people tend to neglect their front door locks not because they don’t care about the security of their house, but simply because the locks themselves are not problematic enough to disturb them. People tend to neglect low disturbing signs of lock malfunctioning. If the lock is slow or the key doesn’t turn right from time to time shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Expert locksmiths in Blackfriars recommend checking front door locks from time to time. These low disturbing signs can be vulnerable points for burglars. This is the main reason you should always have your locks checked even if you notice mild signs of malfunction.

If you are on a limited budget, consider installing front door locks first even though your current locks are functioning with mild, disturbing signs. This is a good investment in the long run and will allow you to at least secure the most vulnerable point of your house. The next lock on the lost should be the window lock.

Choose door lock replacement when you have to

So when do you actually have to replace locks? And why can’t you just oil it or rekey it? Door lock replacement is a personal option. You can replace locks every three to five years if you want to make sure you have the latest and most secure models.

Apart from these options, there are some cases in which you should definitely replace your locks. First of all, install new locks if you have recently moved in. Most houses or flats have functional locks, but unless the house or apartment is new, you should have the locks replaced. You never know who has spare keys and this can become a risky situation.

Another case in which you should replace locks is if there has been a break-in. You can rekey the lock, but chances are the entire lockset is damaged, although not noticeable. A safer approach is replacing the entire lockset. Think of this as the perfect opportunity to finally replace the old lock. You have the chance to select a more complex lock that can keep you protected from break-ins. If you aren’t sure which type of lock to choose, call a locksmith near you and ask him to help you select the best lock fort your door.

Make sure you ask about the cost of changing locks

Another aspect to be taken into account when deciding to install locks is the actual cost of changing locks. Price of locksmith services is a rough indicator of the quality of the locksmith company. A professional locksmith will be able to estimate the price, but won’t tell you a fixed price until he finishes his job. Too low locksmith prices could mean that the company is in the beginning, needing clients. The quality of the service could be doubtful. If the cost of changing locks is too high, you may never call that company again. Who wants to spend a fortune on changing locks. So a medium price is the best indicator of the locksmith’s company quality.

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How to maintain the security of your house during warm season

Home security during holiday time can be more challenging than you expect. Everybody has locks and even alarm systems and those two factors seem enough, right? Expert locksmiths in Stockwell SW9 are not that sure. There are also other factors that involve habits and even financial efforts so you can return to your house and not discover it has been broken into.

Knowing that nearly one third of home owners don’t activate their alarms should make one even more vigilant. Moreover, most break-ins happen at night, in urban areas. Contrary to the common belief, burglars attack urban flats and residences because they know they have more to steal from these places.

With the warm season coming, a lot of people step into the holiday mood, neglecting closing windows and checking front door locks. Most burglars gain access to the house via open windows or simply bypassing weak window locks.

If you wish to maximize the safety of the house and learn simple habits to make less and less effort thinking “How should I improve the security of my house?”, follow the short guideline below.

Install window safety locks

In order to prevent burglars from gaining access to your house you need to change locks, especially window locks. As previously stated, windows are one of the weakest points of entry so they need to be targeted at first. Always choose a high security window safety lock. Grade A locks are high security locks. If you are in doubt on what type of lock to choose, contact a local locksmith in Bethnal Green E2 to guide you.

However, high security locks are usually more expensive due to lock complexity and metal content. But it is worth investing in window safety lock as you can spend your free time relaxed not thinking on whether your house is vulnerable to break-ins.

Consider window security bars

If you want to maximize the security of your house and are the careless type, there is another solution for you too: installing window security bars. Modern security bars come in all shapes and sizes and won’t disrupt the design of your living room. Moreover they can be adjustable and retractable, allowing you to have a lot of control over them.

Use high security locks for front doors

This is an essential measure you shout take. High security locks for doors such as double cylinder deadbolts usually have anti-picking and anti-bumping properties. Front door locks are the first line of defense and there is always a good idea to install high security locks. In fact, locksmiths near you recommend you install high security locks to your front door and the most accessible windows. If you are on a limited budget, consider these two points, as are the most vulnerable areas in your house.

Leave a spare key to a trusty relative

This is one delicate practice. Usually, people trust their relative and it is not that they are not trustworthy. But relatives and best friends are people and people may be neglectful. One goof practice to control the security of your house is to make sure someone is around to check the interior and the exterior of the house.

While you can have the exterior of your house monitored by installing a video camera, it is advisable to have a trusty friend to check the house from time to time. He or she doesn’t have to do it daily, but if he notices suspect activity around the house, he should come at two days.

Going back to leaving the key to a trusty person, choose a responsible friend, not your best friend. There is no use leaving the spare key to someone who is very busy or often forgets about his own things. Although this solution seem old school, it is better to be safe than to feel sorry afterwards.

Install an alarm system

Of course installing an alarm system will barely solve the problem, knowing that nearly one third of people turn on the alarm. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up this solution. A more suitable solution, as suggested by locksmiths in Mortlake SW14, is to install a smart alarm system. Smart alarm systems don’t require the human presence to be turned on.

So if you find yourself in the airport, already waiting for the plane to arrive, just to remember you forgot to turn on the alarm system, there is no need to worry. Modern smart alarm systems only require you having installed an application on your phone to be turned on.

Although locks are the main barrier between you and the successful attempt of a burglar to get inside the house, installing an alarm system will complement the security system of your house. This way you can truly enjoy your holiday and the warm spring days, without worrying about your house. Residential locksmiths also advise people on installing an alarm system.

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What are high security locks? When do you need them?

You must have probably heard about high security locks. They are the latest trends in the recent decade. Protecting your office doors and residential doors from burglars, are the most popular option when it comes to front doors. High security locks are also useful for large commercial buildings and even for small private proprieties near industrial areas. Usually, commercial locksmiths arrive fast too

However, do you really need to install high security locks for all of your doors? Although useful, are high security locks a must for every of your doors? Should you spend money on high security locks for all of your office or house doors? Find out what are high security locks and whether or not you need them. Contact a locksmith in Deptford SE8 or anywhere else in London.

What are high security locks?

A high security lock is a type of lock designed to impede or slow down the burglars that attempt to break in the house or the car. The highest degree of security is I, followed by II, and III. This means that a high security locks has excellent anti-picking, anti-drilling, anti-bumping properties. This means that the lock is made from resistant material and also has additional features that will make it highly resistant to the burglar’s attempt.

A high security lock is high in metal content and provides bypass protection. This means one cannot break the lock easily.Some high security locks have patented keys so to limit access to certain areas.

High security locks can be electronic such as combination door locks and some modern types include bio-metric locks and Bluetooth locks. They are designed to decrease the success of even complex break-in attempts. The main important aspect to keep in mind is that you can choose a classic high security lock such as a double cylinder deadbolt or an electronic lock. It all depends on your preferences, needs and budget. Find out more from a locksmith in Lee SE12.

When do you need security door locks?

Residential security door locks are the most popular type of security locks. Many people choose security door locks for their front doors to make sure they are protected from burglars. Common choices include mortise locks, double cylinder deadbolts and, in other cases key-less smart locks. This last type of security door locks involves high-tech Bluetooth and Radio Frequency Identification technology system. This means that you can unlock the door only using the smartphone.

Irrespective of the lock you choose, there is always a good idea to install locks to your office or commercial building. If you live in a crowded area, chances are that break-ins are more frequent. So there is no need to believe that burglars will be discouraged by many people. Efficient burglars plan and observe what happens around the building and then decide to attack. So if you live in a large city, you need a high security lock for your office or for your own house. Ask a security locksmith in Camberwell SE5 to help you.

You also need high security locks for marginal areas. Outer London is such an example. Burglars also tend to attack marginal areas because they are less monitored than central areas. You need high security locks for residential doors or gates.
You also need high security locks for windows, especially if the windows are placed close to the ground or if there are objects or surfaces that can be used to be climbed in order to reach the windows. It is also a good idea to use a security bar to double the effect.

Are security locks useless in these situations?

If you are asking yourself whether there are situations in which security locks are not useful, you will find an affirmative answer. There is no need to invest in high security locks for interior doors. For example, you can use simply use door knobs for interior doors. A good security lock is good for exterior doors and there is no need to exaggerate with buying them.

Another situation in which a security lock is not useful is when locking garage doors. Typically made from wood for industrial or agricultural areas or automatized, garage doors don’t benefit form high security locks, at least not in the standard format. There are some situations when investing in high security locks may not bring additional benefits.

Lock installation service – recommendation

If you need to install a high security lock, it is better to call a professional locksmith in Bow E3 to help you perform this process properly. If you try to do it all by yourself, you risk deteriorating some components of the lock-set and end up paying even more.
Moreover, smart locks need to be installed and checked by a professional too. Although it may seem a simple process, installing a smart lock implies knowledge too. In any case, contact a locksmith near you to have your locks installed properly and benefit from high security effects.

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What to do to protect your propriety from burglars

Break-ins are stressful experiences, irrespective of the financial damage produced. The simple thought of someone breaking into your house just to look through personal things is perceived as a violation of the intimacy. Nobody wants to find himself in such situation so there are a lot of measures you can take to reduce the risk of your house being broken into. The first thing that comes to mind is to call an emergency locksmith and, afterwards, one might even consider installing a security system.

Apart from buying and installing motion sensor cameras and buying the most popular padlock on the market for your yard, there are some other approaches that prove to be beneficial in the long term. Find the best tips on how to increase your residential security and know exactly what to do to protect your propriety from burglars.

Choose the proper locks as helped by locksmiths

This probably the most intuitive piece of advice. However, this characteristic is not enough if you want to be sure you have the best high security lock. Other aspects such as metal content and whether it is able to resist a potential bypass.

So before buying a double cylinder deadbolt, make sure it has a high degree of metal content. Low quality locks have less metal and more plastic or other materials that make the lock more vulnerable to being drilled. Bypass methods are ways of entering the house without involving visible or very aggressive bumps.

Bypassing involves unlatching the lock and it is applied to locks that have no keyhole. There are many methods one can bypass a lock. Unfortunately, many burglars bypass the locks simply because it leaves no visible sign.

In order to prevent this situation, it is advisable to buy a lock with key. Change locks with the help of a skilled locksmith. Newer generations of locks have anti-bypass properties. For example, you can choose a high security deadbolt for your front doors. In order to make an informed decision, contact a City Locksmith in Kennington SE11 Lock supply is being offered by a local locksmith so you don’t have to worry that you will have to look for locks without knowing what you are doing.

Inspect window locks regularly

Most of break-ins happen via an unsecured window. People often focus on their front locks and forget of regularly inspecting window locks. Burglars often attach the least visible windows. So target the backyard windows at first. Moreover, when choosing window locks, make sure you don’t place the lock in a visible area.

Even if there will be no successful break in attempt at first, this will give the burglar the occasion to observe the lock and have time to prepare his attack based on such information. You should also take into account using security film for our windows. This is a measure of security useful for many homeowners.

You find special security film online and in any shop near you

Another piece of advice is to install security bars to the most vulnerable windows. Even if the burglars manage to break the window, they will not be able to gain access to the house. Moreover, if you place the lock far from an accessible point, it will be impossible for the burglar to reach it.

You should also install window locks so to complete the whole approach. Avoid window latches as they are one of the least secure types of locks. Instead, you can choose from a wide variety of  locks, including locking pin locks and keyed window security locks. Call a locksmith in Hounslow or anywhere else in London.

Take care of perimeter area using a padlock

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to only using a padlock. It is an old type of lock and although it can be cut, you can use it as an additional security measure. Padlocks can be secure, as long as you take into account the European norms of security for locks, known as “CEN ratings”. As a general rule, the higher the number (which has a range between 1 to 10), the better it is as it signifies that the lock is more resistant.

Another advantage of using a padlock for your perimeter doors is that it will allow you to evaluate the health of your exterior locks. If the padlock has been deteriorated or if you notice scratches, this may be the first warning signal. In this case, you can take into account a potential failed break in attempt.

All in all, there are measures you can take to decrease the chances of your house being broken into. This implies constantly checking the window and door locks and making sure you replace old locks if you have recently moved.
A locksmith in East Ham E6 is always available to help you anytime if you want to have other locks installed. Find a locksmith near you and get a free quote too.

office lock security

How to increase the security of your office – tips and trick that work

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you certainly need security when in your office. Burglars don’t just attack residential areas, they also target commercial buildings and office buildings. Any emergency locksmith can confirm this.

Many people believe that there is no need to invest in complex security systems inside the building and just install surveillance systems and good locking systems for the surrounding of the buildings. While this is also necessary, you don’t need to simply invest in this solution, it is also important not to neglect the security of the internal office.

When you think of the security of your workplace, a good lock and surveillance cameras come to mind. Apart from such standard measures, there are also other approaches you can take to decrease the chances that a burglar attempts to break in. Here it is how to increase the security of your office by following easy tips and tricks, as suggested by locksmiths in Finchley Central N3 .

Make the right office lock choice

To start with the basics: a high security office lock is needed to ensure the safety of your office. Usually, the best locks when it comes to security, are double cylinder locks. They are highly resistant to strikes and can discourage almost any burglar to continue trying to break in the door.

High security door locks are definitely a must if you want to keep important folders, documents, and equipment safe. In order to select the most suitable lock for your interior doors, call a locksmith in Covent Garden Wc2. Don’t simply wait until an emergency situation arises. Call a locksmith near you and let him evaluate your office locks. He will make customized recommendations based on our wishes and the building’s or room’s characteristics.

Take into consideration office cabinet locks

Although they may not seem popular, office cabinet locks are a widely used option for both individual and business locking system preferences. Cabinet locks are not the safest devices, but they can be easily endowed with security bars and other additional security measures can be taken. Is it worth having an office cabinet lock? Locksmiths in London are ready to help you.

The main reason is that it can still discourage burglars to unlock the drawer. If the most important things you have in an office are still documents, then discouraging the burglars to attack the drawer is the thing you want mostly. Consider choosing concealed cabinet locks if you want to maintain the aspect of your office. However, just because you opt for cabinet locks, don’t just take them into account as the main security system for your office.

Keep surveillance systems around entrance

This may seem an old piece of advice but many people tend to neglect it from this very reason too. Monitor who gets inside and outside the office anytime of the day and of the night. Find out if there are strangers that constantly try to get inside one of the buildings. Door lock installation is possible if you call a skilled locksmith.

Apart from surveillance systems, ask the employees to always keep their ID with them. This way you can even check how much time it takes to perform certain tasks. Simple measures like these ones add and make a good base to increase the security of your workplace.

Consider have a master key system installed

Master key systems allow multiple keys to operate multiple doors, depending on how many doors you want to set. It is a key-centric security system that offers many advantages when it comes to accessibility and security. Any master key allows a set of access permissions. For example, the manager of the company has keys that can access all the rooms but the employee from the cleaning department can only access certain rooms. Call a residential locksmith to help you install master key systems.

If you need a convenient system that can allow you to enter the office without worrying that you have to wait for the colleague to give him the key, then a master key system is for you.

Consult a  locksmith to decide what locks to buy

The best way to make sure you properly invest when it comes to buying locks is calling a commercial locksmith. You need to present him the situation and your needs. For example, maybe you need locks that ensure both the security of your office and offer access to many employees at the same time. In such case, a master key system might be more suitable.

Maybe you want to maintain the elegant aspect of the patio doors at the entrance, but need to make sure it still protects you. In this case, a commercial locksmith in Greater Manchester will help you choose the best locks and additional security accessories for sliding doors. In any case, ask a specialist so you don’t risk investing in high quality locks that cannot be used due to some incompatibilities with your door. Office locksmiths also supply locks so you don’t have to look for lock stores.

fix breakin locksmith

How to protect your house after a break in

House break-ins are a major problem for many. While the damage produced is usually compensated, people remain vulnerable to future break-ins. That is, a break-in is a warning sign that one’s house has not properly been secured. And what can be more worrisome than knowing your house is prone to future break-ins?

Once this unfortunate event has happened, it remains to be prevented in the future. Even if you have been the victim of a break in, you can still do something to increase the chances of not being in this situation. Locksmiths in Mill Hill NW7 can offer professional advice on how to secure your house or office. Here are some tips and tricks on how to protect your house after a break-in.

Call a locksmith for house to check your door locks

In order to prevent a problem you have to make sure what the problem is. Of course you can assume the front door lock is old and rusty and it is the only factor contributing to a break in. Although common assumptions may be true, they don’t reflect the nature of the problem. Maybe you are thinking “This shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it’s my house and my choice.” While your intuition is good, it may also bring additional problems. The main risk with this approach is that you can invest in the wrong thing.

For example, you can buy the wrong type of lock and still not be protected from burglars. Another problem is when you try to install the most suitable lock all by yourself. Maybe you don’t adjust the hinges and the door can be unlocked.This is why the first step is to call a locksmith for house to perform the diagnosis. Professional locksmiths in Chelsea SW3 use special tools to check the front doors to make sure the locks work properly.

Change home locks in London

You can always replace locks in London and in every area near you. From South London to East London, and Central London, you can call a local locksmith. He will arrive in less than 30 minutes to change home locks. Even though you notice that the other locks are functional, it is safer to let the locksmith check and, if needed change the locks.

Changing locks may seem simple, but is complicate if you have special requirements. If you need high security locks to make sure a second break in will not happen, then installing a lock has to be done properly. From choosing the most suitable lock to changing the old ones, this is an important job after a break-in.

You can change home locks if you call a professional locksmith in Dalston E8. All you have to do is tell a residential locksmith about your problem. Along with you, he will decide whether to choose a high security lock such as double cylinder lock or another type of lock.

Find an experienced locksmith in London to fix locks immediately

If you have been the victim of a lockout, it is better not to wait a single minute. Calling a 24 hour locksmith  will prevent the burglar from succeeding in breaking in the house. Maybe you don’t need to buy new locks for all of your front doors. Maybe you need to repair locks or replace some components.

The best thing to do is to call a locksmith near you and let him check the locks. Usually, a good measure involves fixing the other door locks. Maybe you need to secure the patio door in order to prevent the burglar to get inside the house. Make sure you check the locksmith prices before.

Or, you may want to take into consideration changing the door knob of your back door. In any case, it is more important to take action immediately. Even if you don’t have to change the lock, you need to make sure your house is secure. That is why calling a locksmith in Lewisham SE13 or anywhere else as fast as possible is very important.

Secure the perimeter of your house

Although it may not seem important, the perimeter surrounding your house is essential when it comes to home security. Usually, burglars inspect the surrounding of the house, looking for vulnerable spots. This means that if your yard has no other security system, it is a vulnerable point. Or, if the yard is insufficiently lit, the burglars will usually take advantage of this. This is one factor that highly contributes to the rate of nocturnal burglary. This can happen with office buildings too, so commercial locksmiths are important.

One useful piece of advice is to install security cameras in order to see what happens in your yard and identify risk hours. Another recommendation is to have the surrounding well lit. Not only this will discourage burglars, but also it will help you identify them in case they succeed with the break in attempt.