Car key replacement for Volkswagen

volkswagen car key replacement

With Volkswagen cars becoming more and more popular, it is important to have the car key replacement process properly made. Car key fobs are common types of key for Volkswagen but there comes a time when the battery either wears or it drains. In this case, you need to ask an automotive locksmith to help you get back inside.

Usually, Volkswagen keys have complex remote fobs and anti-theft alerts installed. When it comes to lock changing, they have a special chip installed. If the chip is not functional, you will not be able to open car doors. If you try to change the chip all by yourself, you can deteriorate the system even more.

In such cases, the best solution is to call an automotive locksmith that has special tools to program car key for Volkswagen or to make car key fobs. Call a locksmith in Hanwell W7 or anywhere in London and benefit from professional locksmith services.

What to do if you have lost VW key?

First of all, try to stay as calm as possible, an look for a spare key. Consider calling a relative or a close friend to ask him about a spare key. Maybe you have left it on purpose and forgot about this action. If you don’t have a spare key for VW, you can always call an automotive locksmith to help you unlock doors.

There are also other riskier alternatives if you have lost your VW key. Remember that lock installation for cars is possible and even fast if you call a locksmith. You can use a rod and carefully try to open car door. There is always the risk of scratching the door. Furthermore, this does not solve the problem of the locking system, but can give you access to the car if you are on a hurry.

A less invasive technique is to use a plastic strip to unlock the door. Try to carefully push the unlock button in your car. This is not a viable solution if your car doesn’t have the lock on top of the door.

What key to choose as VW key

If you have decided to replace keys for your VW, you may want to take into account various types of keys. If you are asking yourself “What key should I choose as VW key?”, you can always consult a locksmith. Usually, chips are used for car key programming. This means that a transponder key with an electronic chip is installed and customized to only suit your car. This is the most popular option after 1995 and many people prefer such electronic keys.

You can also opt for car keys with remote fobs. The main advantage is that they provide keyless entry to the car. Car keys with transponder chip, called “transponder keys” are used for cars build after 1995.

It is also important to bear in mind that if your transponder keys are made after 1995 they cannot be programmed. In this case you need to call a locksmith in Clapton E5 that knows how to perform car key cutting. It is also a good opportunity on replacing car key for VW.

Select a VW Polo replacement key from trusty locksmiths

If you own a VW Polo and have to replace keys, call an auto locksmith. Usually, VW Polo need transponder keys, but car key fobs are also use. If you are thinking of programming the car key all by yourself, find that this may be a bad idea. Although you can technically clone the car key, you risk not adjusting it properly. In the end, the security of your car is endangered. Vw key cutting is performed by good locksmiths.

Call a trusty locksmith company in your area and make sure you have your car key properly programmed. You find affordable prices for car keys if you call the city locksmiths near you.

Consider installing a remote key for VW

If you are on a low budget or need to replace car key fast, you can install a remote key for VW. Both remote keys and car key fobs look alike. While electronic car keys offer more security and reliable alarm system, remote keys don’t have this advantage. If a burglar breaks into the car, the key fob or the transponder key have an alarm system that will activate and will not allow the thief to start the engine.

You can also use a classic, straight key. If you call a  locksmith in Earls Court SW5, he can make a straight key for you. This is the cheapest option because it will provide a low degree of security, as you can imagine. It you are in an emergency situation an need to leave fast, you can opt for this option.

However, professional car locksmiths can program a car key. It usually programs the car key in a less than an hour. Consider weighting your options before rushing to replace the car key for VW.