All you need to know to improve your window security system

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Window security is vital to maintaining your house safe from burglar attacks. More than 50% of burglars gain access to the house through a window. However, most home owners don’t perform window replacement actions as safety measures. Not to mention having their locks checked from time to time to detect faults. This is understandable, as we are more and more busy nowadays.

While this shouldn’t be an excuse for not inspecting locks and, if necessary, changing locks. When in doubt, call a locksmith near you to help you. If you are planning to do something with your window locks but haven’t reach the action phase, here are the main things you need to know in order to improve your locks.

Replace or choose the proper window latches

A latch is a component of the locking system of a window. It is a mechanical fastener that contributes to the locking system. A normal latch contains one piece flat springs made of metal or plastic. As you can imagine, plastic latches have a shorter life and are more vulnerable to break-ins.

Even metal latches need to be checked from time to time. They can rot and are also prone to break-ins. In order to choose the proper window latches, you should do some research or ask a locksmith near you.

You also have a wide variety of latches, from casement window fasteners to sliding window latch. Any type of window latch comes with both advantages and disadvantages so the best thing to do is to consider calling a locksmith to help you decide which window latch is the best for you. While the latch is only part of the locking system, it ensures the whole security mechanism of the window lock.

Consider window lock replacement

Locks are often ignored, especially if they have no obvious problem. Such case One such case is when moving to a new house. Many break-ins happen after this moment. Burglars follow the activity in the house and usually gain access to the house via the windows. Even if the locks and latches are functional, this doesn’t mean they can protect you from break-ins.

This is one important reason to consider lock installation. If you choose a new window lock, you should take into account your security expectations. If the window is place in a hidden area, it is better to opt for high security locks. Burglars usually attack these windows in particular.

If the window is inside the yard and you already have a strong security system that can protect you, maybe you won’t need the most expensive and high security lock. However, it is essential to change old lock or at least have them checked once in a while to make sure they aren’t or don’t become a future risk.

Choose metal window locks

If you want to make sure you choose high security locks, look for locks that have a high degree of metal. They are usually much more resistant than locks that have components made of plastic or other materials. Window metal sash locks are a good option. You can also consider security bolts that will help you have your house protected.

Install window security bars

Another old school option is to install security bars to your windows. As usually, the market offers a wide variety of window security bars and all you have to do is decide which ones are suitable for you. Consider installing them either on the interior or on the exterior of the window.

This old solution is still effective and the wide variety of window bars will match your aesthetic requirements. Such bars will decrease the chances of burglary because they will discourage the burglars to keep trying to unlock the window. Check the locksmith prices to find out what to expect.  Not to mention the fact that they don’t allow the curious looks to peek inside the house.

Have high quality locks installed

Lastly, one of the most decisive aspect of your window security is the central component – the lock itself. Even if they are more expensive, you should always take into consideration installing a high security window lock. Securing windows with multiple locks is always a good idea. Call an emergency locksmith and have your locks installed so that security will not be a problem in the near future.

Have security film applied over the window

You can supplement your security needs by having security film applied over the window. The security film is made of polyester and is widely used for car windows, bus, and train windows. It is important to take into consideration their thickness as this is the main parameter that matters if you wish to make sure your house is as protected as possible and that the burglar will eventually give up trying to break the window.