All you need to know about door lock installation

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New door lock installation can be a laborious process. Imagine having to go through all the stages. From choosing the most suitable lock to having to actually install it, the entire process of lock installation can turn into either a frustrating one or a reassuring one. If have locks to install, the best approach is to contact a locksmith in Kingston Upon Thames that will help you select the best approach to this problem. You can also find a locksmith anywhere in London.

Furthermore, it matters if you wish to install new locks with the goal of simply replacing old locks or if you want to enhance the security system of your house. Below you will find a few pieces of information on all you need to know about door locks.

Fix or replace door locks while knowing what you want

The first step when it comes to installation is the preparatory phase. This is the decision phase in which you have to decide what is your purpose. Do you need new locks because you have noticed suspicious activity near your house, yard, or even neighborhood? If so, you might want to take into consideration high security locks or even electronic locks. Do you simply need to have new locks because the front door lock works slowly? Or is it that you want to be up to date when it comes to the latest wireless door locks.

Whichever is the case for you, consider having made a decision prior to buying a lock and installing it. You don’t have to have broken locks in order to change locks. But is to your advantage to know exactly what you want because you will invest better in buying the most suitable door lock for your needs. Only after you would have decided, you can acquire the lock and call a certified locksmith in Camberwell SE5 to change your door lock.

Install high security locks to your front doors

This is by far the most common advice. Front doors are the most vulnerable doors when it comes to burglar attempts. Installing high security locks to your front doors is a safe measure. Make sure to check the locksmith price list first. The most common type of security lock is the double cylinder deadbolt. This type of lock has a cylinder on the exterior and one on the interior. The bolt of the deadbolt cannot be activated using cards or bobby pins, unlike other types of locks such as knob locks. The bolt cannot be retracted unless you have the original or spare key.

You can also use high security locks for your windows. Knowing that most burglars break into the house via windows, having an extra safety measure is always a good idea. If you have low windows or trees or objects that permit climbing, installing a high security lock is the best thing you can do.

Install a latch lock to your cabinet or gate

Latch locks are one of the oldest forms of locks. Along with padlocks, they resemble the prototype of the lock. Most people use them because they allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to placing them along the door frame. They are most suitable for cabinets and exterior doors. Local locksmiths are available 24/7.

It is recommended to use a latch lock for you your garage door, for example. Various latches comes in shapes and sizes and some are recommended for cabinets, while being completely unsuitable for exterior doors such as garage doors. Apart from their flexible placement, another advantage of the latch lock is the price. These locks are not expensive and can be installed in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is call an experienced locksmith to help you with the installation process.

Consider having a security bar for patio doors

Elegant and versatile, patio doors or sliding doors are a must for every respectable yard. That is why many people prefer them. If you have patio doors and are thinking of increasing their security, you can consider installing a security bar. This will prevent the burglar from unlocking the door.

Moreover, security bars are quite discrete so you don’t have to worry they will ruin the elegant aspect of your entire door. You can even select their design, based on your security needs and preferences.

Call a locksmith near you to replace the locks

In the end, you can always call a locksmith near you to help you install locks as fast as possible. Locksmiths in Peckham in SE15 are also spread all over London and will arrive in less than 30 minutes to install locks anytime. You can call and benefit from online support and also get a free quote. Install the best locks and avoid paying money on unsuitable locks.

Always choose a certified locksmith to help you install new locks so you don’t risk damaging both the door frame and the new lock. Find an emergency locksmith service available 24/7 for you.